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China moves toward ending mandatory animal testing, an interview with the enigmatic Serge Lutens, Mi-Anne Chan goes beauty dumpster diving, and why the Yeehaw Agenda will make you crave cowhide.

Highlights #15

It’s March, and I’m itching for spring which shows no sign of appearing. If I could see a crocus or snowdrop I might find hope, but so far there’s nothing. At least we can all find comfort in the fact that the sun now rises at an appropriate hour – day and night are no longer ...

Highlights #14

I started highlights (formerly known as weekend since I had the foolish ambition to post them every weekend) as a way to share the most interesting happenings in beauty with a sprinkling of current events and feminism. Now it’s been a little over a year, and it’s still one of the most ...

Highlights #5 2017

It’s me, the queen of mysterious disappearances. I’m back! I’m medicated! I’m full of enthusiasm! Here are the latest highlights! As someone who gets very frustrated about the spread of straight up mythology as fact in the beauty world, this piece on the false history of ...