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by Sylvie Fleury


The beauty news and highlights, painfully overdue, for the past summer - extra long, extra edited, featuring Naomi Watanabe's latest collab, cybersecurity and beauty culture, perfume stickers and the history of mirrors.

Highlights #19

This time of year is usually my favourite – the languid heat of August and September, the fresh start of post-holiday returns to school and work and society, the abundance of delicious produce and the fall beauty launches are what I look forward to all year. However, this heat wave is murder ...

Review: Fenty Gloss Bomb

Aren’t we all kind of over the super-matte lip look? Listen, I love matte lipstick, but the ultra-matte liquid-longswear-would-probably-survive-a-nuclear-blast kind just makes me feel shriveled up and uncomfortable. So imagine my glee when Rihanna launched this beautiful nude gloss with her ...