The Beauty Critic

Tag: racism

by Sylvie Fleury


The beauty news and highlights, painfully overdue, for the past summer - extra long, extra edited, featuring Naomi Watanabe's latest collab, cybersecurity and beauty culture, perfume stickers and the history of mirrors.

Highlights #10

Happy October! Fall is upon us, dark lipstick is socially acceptable again, and these are the Highlights. This piece on the sheet mask selfie trend is hilarious and kind of true! I probably won’t taking these selfies, to be honest, because they are kind of fun… but… I’ll be ...

Highlights #9

NARS is launching a beautiful Man Ray-themed holiday collection this year – those eye palettes are so up my alley! I really enjoy the way NARS features photographers in their limited collections. Accompanied by gorgeous photographs, this article on the centuries-old art of perfume distillation ...

Highlights #4 2017

It was hard to put this post off, because I feel like a lot of exciting things happened right after posting the last one. But I was patient. MAC is now launching at US beauty midmarket store chain ULTA. It feels a little shocking? I wasn’t expecting that at all. Perhaps this is a wakeup call. ...