The Beauty Critic

Tag: naomi watanabe

by Sylvie Fleury


The beauty news and highlights, painfully overdue, for the past summer - extra long, extra edited, featuring Naomi Watanabe's latest collab, cybersecurity and beauty culture, perfume stickers and the history of mirrors.

Highlights #19

This time of year is usually my favourite – the languid heat of August and September, the fresh start of post-holiday returns to school and work and society, the abundance of delicious produce and the fall beauty launches are what I look forward to all year. However, this heat wave is murder ...

Highlights #8

Well hey y’all! Happy friday! This iteration of HIGHLIGHTS is extra thick and juicy, hope you enjoy. Please share your favourite links from the last month with me! Any new releases you’re excited about? Try any good products lately? Talk to me. I don’t hide the fact that I’m ...