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China moves toward ending mandatory animal testing, an interview with the enigmatic Serge Lutens, Mi-Anne Chan goes beauty dumpster diving, and why the Yeehaw Agenda will make you crave cowhide.

On Loving Beauty, Warts and All

For a long time, I’ve anxiously denied that what I feel for beauty is love. I’ve been calling it an obsession or a passionate interest. A fascination. How clinical it sounds written black on white! Of course, what I’ve truly felt is ambiguous, because there’s really no way ...

Under The Influence – On PR Samples

God almighty, this post is a lot. I was supposed to write ONE blog post on this topic, but it turned into two, so the next one is coming after I post my highlights. The influencer biz is confusing, largely unregulated, and massive. And yeah, I’m using the term influencer even though I hate it. ...

Multi Use: Liquid Lipstick as Blush

I mentioned in my Cloud Paint review that you can get a similar effect using a silicone-based liquid lipstick, and I’d demonstrated it on my instagram already, so I thought I might as well share it here as well. This works with regular lipstick as well – it’s kind of the oldest ...