The Beauty Critic

Tag: history

by Sylvie Fleury


The beauty news and highlights, painfully overdue, for the past summer - extra long, extra edited, featuring Naomi Watanabe's latest collab, cybersecurity and beauty culture, perfume stickers and the history of mirrors.


China moves toward ending mandatory animal testing, an interview with the enigmatic Serge Lutens, Mi-Anne Chan goes beauty dumpster diving, and why the Yeehaw Agenda will make you crave cowhide.

Tendency ; Apothecary

When I started these Tendency posts, I used the dreaded affiliate links to illustrate my point: Look! The thing I’m talking about is for sale!! But since affiliate links give me anxiety and I’d like to keep this blog as ad-free as possible, no more. I’m gonna be talking about ...

Highlights #23

I skipped last month’s highlights so this edition will be a little thicker and juicier than usual, I’m sure you’ll forgive me! I’ve been extra selective about what I’m sharing, so you can be sure all these articles are worth your time. Having a “Glow” is the ...

Highlights #22

November has hit me like a cartoon anvil. When did it get so cold? And dark? And why have I been crying on a daily basis? Is this seasonal affective disorder, or am I relapsing? Why have I already forgotten what ripe stone fruits taste like? So many questions, none of them answered in this blog ...

Highlights #11

Listen, I know this is a cliché but… where the hell did this year go?! It’s November already?!?! (cue nervous breakdown about lost time) This month has been so eventful, lots of studying, job interviews, bad financial decisions…phew! Anyway, here are this month’s highlights. ...

Highlights #10

Happy October! Fall is upon us, dark lipstick is socially acceptable again, and these are the Highlights. This piece on the sheet mask selfie trend is hilarious and kind of true! I probably won’t taking these selfies, to be honest, because they are kind of fun… but… I’ll be ...