The Beauty Critic

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by Sylvie Fleury


The beauty news and highlights, painfully overdue, for the past summer - extra long, extra edited, featuring Naomi Watanabe's latest collab, cybersecurity and beauty culture, perfume stickers and the history of mirrors.

Beauty Tools I Can’t Live Without

You guys. I love beauty products, I love using them, buying them, talking about them… but let’s not forget the all-important tools of your skincare routine. Now, this isn’t the fancy stuff you might keep around, like facial massagers, cleansing brushes or freezer eye masks. This is ...

Tendency ; Fleshtones

I find myself drawn to a certain colour palette this fall. Warm, fleshy colours – pinks and reds that look as if they’ve been matched to cuts of meat. They’re visceral, but strangely romantic at the same time. A little gross, but also kind of pretty. Still with me? Here’s a ...