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Highlights #25

In the March 2019 issue of Highlights, I sifted through the internet's best beauty coverage to share Dover Street Market's new beauty venture, a sunscreen reapplication tip, Edwardian-era updos and Cult Beauty's controversial intimate care product category - among other things.

Highlights #24

Happy Highlight day! The sun has started creeping out of hiding, and I find myself THIS CLOSE to yelling at random trees and shrubs to hurry the hell up with buds and leaves and flowers so I can at least have some assurance that spring is on its way. Well, it’s a little way to go, but ...

Highlights #12

Hi again! This Highlights post is a little overdue, I’ve been in a general slump the past few months and november was tough. I don’t hide that I have certain mental health problems, but I also have a bunch of chronic physical problems too which sometimes intensify and kind of knock me ...