Hi! I’m back! My summer holiday (from this blog – I spent all summer studying) seemed to become a little too long to be believable. So here’s a painfully overdue highlights, extra long of course, but also extra edited. Here are the beauty news and highlights from the past summer.

Since my latest post is about Pride: Here’s an important piece on the history of the gay panic defense.

And again on the topic of Pride: I wasn’t the only one put off by JVN’s Essie-sponsored coming out this summer.

Dolly Parton, beauty icon. Yes.

Loving these makeup-inspired art pieces by Sylvie Fleury.

On the politics of “self-care”.

A jar of a “brain-boosting” health supplement, via Moon Juice.

Along with hair-and-nail vitamins, it seems like every wellness company under the sun is trying to “optimize” peoples’ brains through supplements.

Why aren’t film and tv sponsorships and product placements required to be disclosed in the same way influencer sponsorships are?

Are crystals the new blood diamonds?

The way retailers track and monitor their customers is growing ever more dystopian and unethical.

Please read this hilarious piece on self care for men. It’s quite amusing!

Flower acne patches by Squish

Honestly, these decorative pimple patches are very cute. I especially like the ones with rhinestones.

This story on wigs in Tokyo is both charming and striking.

The skincare industry may or may not be reaching critical mass.

Wellness brands influencers are spreading misinformation, what do you know.

Skincare aficionados, like myself, seem to be hunting unicorns with our search for that one perfect product. It’s a fool’s errand.

Naomi Watanabe x Shu Uemura

The Naomi Watanabe x Shu Uemura collab looks sooo cool, I love the promo shots more than life.

Here’s a review of that La Roche Posay UV tracker – turns out it might be tracking more than your sun exposure.

In Japan, young people are buying used makeup.

…but that might not be totally hygienic.

In Madrid, a museum exhibit featuring Balenciaga and Spanish painters.

This feature on an instagram ASMR slime artist is strangely mesmerizing.

This Santa Maria Novella Iris shampoo flirts with history.

Beauty products inspired by historical remedies, like victorian-era soaps and renaissance remedies, are quite the hot ticket. (I told you so.)

I’d also like to point out that historically-influenced fashion is still very much the thing, and I couldn’t be more thrilled as a fashion history geek. (Man Repeller agrees.)

In light of beauty influencer Michelle Phan’s gushing over bitcoin, I’d like to take the time to point out that bitcoin is disastrous for the environment.

This excerpt on optimization and perfection from Jia Tolentino’s fantastic “Trick Mirror” is so visceral, vivid and lucid. Highly recommend.

Much in the same vein, here’s an article on instagram, facetune, and feminine physical perfection.

Glossier x Bark dog toys

Glossier’s expansion into “lifestyle brand” territory has brought us… glossier dog toys?

Requiring interns to sign non-compete and non-disclosures must be a new level of evil.

Vintage fashion is close to my heart, but it’s popularity has lead to a bizarre problem: we’re running out of vintage clothes.

Once, the internet conjured thoughts of progress and democracy, an anti-authoritatian spirit – not so much, anymore.

Fashion brands are trying to get a foot in the door to the video game market. Remember that Louis Vuitton campaign with final fantasy characters?

A truly ancient mirror featuring the goddess Hathor, from Egypt, 15th century BC. Image via The Met museum.

As it turns out, mirrors have a long, fascinating, and complicated history.

They’ve been going on about 3D-printed makeup for years, and looks like something along those lines is coming to market.

Why is digital media so chock full of undisclosed Amazon partnerships?

Here’s how long it really takes to create a beauty product.

Anti-Hauls are trending on youtube – but do they actually counter consumerism?

Supergoop’s sunscreen-infused cream eyeshadows.

Honestly, these spf-infused Supergoop shadows are kind of a good idea.

Digital beauty filters are growing in popularity, and why not digitize beauty? It makes sense.

I love Bon Appétit, and I love Claire Saffitz, so seeing her featured on Into The Gloss made me inordinately happy. She uses p50.

Oh my god. They featured Andy Baraghani too. He also uses p50. Heart eyes.

At this point I think I’ve seen enough satin midi skirts for one lifetime, but did you know the midi was once deeply controversial?

Diptyque’s new “skin sticker” scented temporary tattoos are very cute, I think.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find these fragranced Diptyque temporary tattoos deeply compelling. I love the swan.

Here’s an unspeakably beautiful video about textile dye and “lost” colours.

As it turns out, those period tracker apps many people rely on are using your data for nefarious purposes.

Rihanna, LVMH, and the new age of the designer.

As a hater of all things mindfulness, this piece on why mindfulness is actually terrible is very up my alley. Let’s all read it.

A padded alice band, via lelesadoughi.com

I do think these padded alice bands are very cute, (especially the more renaissance-esque designs) but tragically I look ultra stupid in them.

Sephora’s scramble for diversity training is… something, but it’s not adequate.

With the influencer industry still swelling, it’s high time for some regulation.

I do love a floral element in food, and who better than Ezra Woods, founder of Régime des Fleurs, to share such recipes?

…and if you care to cook with flowers too, here’s a guide.

Flowfushi lip glosses.

These new lip glosses by Flowfushi (makers of that UZ liner) have some seriously cool packaging design.

Tarte and Natasha Denona are apparently fighting over the rights to a product name.

Fall is the time for acids (praise be), but overexfoliation is a risk, so be careful!

For the beauty industry, packaging is one of the biggest sustainability issues.

This piece refers to silicone as the MSG of the beauty industry, and I find that very apt.

Inside the sinister, cult-like world of beauty MLMs.

At Glow Recipe, fruits and vegetables feature heavily in both marketing and on ingredient lists.

You may have noticed I have a special interest in food and beauty and how they overlap, so I enjoyed this piece on food ingredients in beauty products a lot.

Let’s say it: spirituality in 2019 has a distinctly consumerist tone. I don’t like that much.

That mega-cheap instagram dress may be affordable to you, but somewhere, someone else is paying the true price.

Frankly, wellness influencers don’t know what they’re talking about, so why are they so popular?

Speaking of wellness, the white obsession with ayahuasca is deeply colonialist.

Intimate deodorant wipes, for women who like their vulva to smell like coconut.

The recent trend in beauty to make intimate care products and deodorants feels bizarrely anti-feminist, but it’s undeniably catching on.

What does cybersecurity have to do with online makeup tutorials?

On the human cost of a cheap manicure, courtesy of Teen Vogue.

This made me cackle: On the influencers you love to hate.

I’m kind of loving the way fashion has embraced fantastical, bizarre and sumptuous food styling.

Header image: works by Sylvie Fleury