Hi! It’s May! The sun is out!! I don’t know if it’s the vitamin D or a more cosmic kind of alignment that’s causing me to feel invigorated, but there’s something in the air. (Pollen?) I’m actually super mad about a lot of things, but a righteous anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

This should be required reading for everyone in the beauty business, no joke – Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption is painfully relevant, even 120 years later.

Avon was just acquired by Korean consumer goods conglomerate LG.

Glossier just doubled the size of their serums, but they’re keeping the same price. A good move, I think!

Gift shopping: An expensive, weird minefield.

Believe Beauty, Dollar General’s new in-house line.

Dollar General, an American discount store, is launching a beauty line. Private labelling and in-house beauty brands aren’t so different, it seems.

Is pre-emptive anti-aging a good idea at all?

People are seriously obsessed with Creed fragrances, apparently.

In light of recent developments in abortion rights in the US, here’s how you can help. I’ve never set foot in america but I empathize greatly with the people affected, and worry about the ripple effect as western europe often looks to the US for guidance. Scary things. Get organized.

Meitu’s new skincare device, which, let’s be real, looks exactly like a Foreo.

Chinese app giant Meitu is entering the beauty market with an AI-powered skincare device.

An archive of regular women’s clothes is a treasure of women’s history, but preserving everyday objects isn’t exactly a high priority at most institutions.

Here’s a lip colour search engine. It’s genius.

Bespoke fragrance at Harvey Nichols, via the Experimental Perfume Club.

Uh Oh – Brooke Shields is suing Charlotte Tilbury over an eyebrow pencil named after her!

The Lush Labs app being demoed, via LUSH on twitter.

LUSH Labs launches the LUSH Lens, an AR app to aid customers in identifying package-free products.

Serial killer fandom is booming – but what about the victims?

You may have seen beauty products and clinical treatments marketed as containing “stem cells” – and it’s a pretty sketchy industry.

As with much of wellness culture, sleep quality is now a status symbol.

These Met Gala manicures are fun! Elle fanning wins.

A very retro-looking lipstick campaign for Gucci’s new launch.

Gucci’s new lipstick campaign is so fun, chic, and cute. Super approved.

A lucid conversation on camp.

My most recent blog post is about stan culture and the way social media stars abuse their position – and here’s a piece exploring this through mainstream celebrities. I thought I was losing my mind when I read that “essay” by Olivia Munn.

The medieval guild might be a good idea for contemporary craftspeople trying to survive capitalism.

A eulogy for internet art culture.

An interview with Cathy Lomax – artist & makeup artist.

Lord save me from yet another celebrity beauty line.

This report on child labour in mica mining in India is a must-read.

On the loneliness of quantifying your life through tracking apps. (My mom is suddenly obsessed with her phone’s pedometer. I’m concerned.)

I absolutely believe in clear mascara.

In these sour times, might I suggest a toner that contains vinegar?

Why do we love the tart qualities of kimchi, tamarind, and vinegar? Consider the appeal of sourness. (and hey… the acid craze in skincare might be related!)

Sara Ahmed gives me hope.

Do you have pollen allergies? Turns out it’s literally the tree patriarchy ruining your life.

These CBD companies are facing RICO charges for incorrect labelling and false advertising.

This is interesting: Sephora is opening in South Korea. I wonder what their strategy will be!

Wanna look good, but be violent about it? Finally, there’s a brand for you.

“War Paint” is makeup for men. Because of course it is.

Handmade silk flowers in NYC – a dying craft? I hope not!

10 Models on exploitation in their industry – a must watch.

Fragrance legend Annette Green turns ninety-five.

Manuka Honey is a hyped skincare ingredient right now, but it’s heavily adulterated and mislabelled.

ELF’s new “supers” skincare line.

These new ELF skincare products look cute! I’m intrigued!

An interview with the love of my life, Tom Ford.

Doing nothing is very cool right now. Finally, my time has come.

I was going on and on about the sea last summer, and it’s now a pretty solid skincare trend. Seaweed? HUGE fan of her.

L’Oréal is entering the AI skincare diagnostic market. I’m so intrigued by the overlap of tech and beauty, It makes me wish I was more STEM-inclined.

One of the original CK One ads.

Here’s a piece on the cultural impact of CK One.

Is pop culture knowledge mandatory, and is it even fun anymore?

This creepy essential oil MLM is embroiled in a lawsuit. It’s described as “cult-like”, which is kind of what you’d expect from an essential oil company.

Instagram’s new shoppable feed lets you consume like an influencer.

This report on the few remaining Glamour Shots studios in the US is so… endearing. I kind of love these photos.

Mariah Carey in a CLASSIC going out top.

Going Out Tops are HAPPENING, people!!! Get on it! (I want a butterfly one SO. BAD.)

More on the sobriety movement among young people.

I need to do something about my feet RIGHT. NOW.

Of course venture capitalists are pouring money into the astrology business. Let me be cosmically narcissistic in peace, rich people!! Geez!!

Hold the phone: Is Wet n Wild no longer cruelty free?

If you don’t think she looks amazing, you’re wrong and you have bad taste, that’s just facts.

In this day and age, I can’t believe people are still grossed out by women’s body hair but here we are.

This profile on kaiseki chef Niki Nakayama fills my heart with joy.

Beauty books: A Guide.

Men’s emotional illiteracy is hurting women. But that’s not news.

I wanted a RAZR SO much, and maybe now it’ll finally happen