I took a walk in the forest near my house recently, and tried to find signs of spring. It went so-so, as the world at this northern latitude is still largely gray and muddy. But there was a pile of chopped-down branches at the side of the road, some of which I brought inside and put in water and sure enough, some of those cute little catkins are turning into leaves. Here are April’s beauty news and highlights.

This is nice: rainbow nail art. (which I myself have attempted, once, in a very normie way)

Here’s a history of how we stopped tolerating itchy wool garments.

I don’t normally do this but – how cool and chic and cute and wow is this… face sticker? I want it. I’m only human.

Glossier’s Miami pop-up is an art deco dreamland, and that charity keychain is calling my name. Can I please request that Glossier bring back phone charms? If anyone can do it, it’s them.

If you were wondering what the most popular beauty-related google searches were in 2018, wonder no more.

Using tactile design and avant-garde wearables, Unbound is making sex toys chic, fun and approachable.

Trend forecasting firm WGSN now offers a Beauty service.

A typical Serge Lutens image.

Serge Lutens is one of my favourite beauty people (I watch his old shiseido ads on youtube and cry, as one does.) and Dazed recently interviewed him for their Icons series. A must read, especially if you’re unfamiliar with his work.

I keep seeing skincare fridges on instagram, but do you really need one? (probably not.)

Hermés threw the coolest, most outlandish party in New York and I’ve never felt such fomo. I guess my invite got lost in the mail.

Pat McGrath, “Mother of Makeup”, talks about the women who made her who she is today.

LUSH is tired of social media.

Genesis Belanger’s piece “Holding Pattern”, via genesisbelanger.com

A visit to sculptor Genesis Belanger’s studio, filled with tongue-in cheek wonders. I love her pieces, they’re almost mockingly feminine.

The Met’s big Costume Institute exhibit is all about my favourite thing: CAMP. I swear, if that red carpet even doesn’t blow my mind, I’ll become violent.

Not only can you buy Game of Thrones-themed makeup, but also beer, cookies, toys and soda. Make it stop.

Legendary UK magazine The Face is returning.

Direct-to-consumer drug companies are using sexual liberation to appeal to customers, circumventing the doctor-patient relationship.

A screencap from Sweet Charity, via moveyourstory.org

As a big Fosse fan (I can’t stop watching this Rich Man’s Frug clip from Sweet Charity!), I’m definitely excited about fx’s new Fosse/Verdon bio series. Here’s a piece on Bob Fosse’s aesthetic impact on beauty.

Beauty editors get sent a lot of product, but what do they actually buy?

J-Beauty is being touted as the next big thing in the western beauty market, and Shiseido is doing their best to make it happen with a new “Global Innovation Center”.

Digital ghosts are Capitalism’s latest strategy for maximizing the profi lifespan of celebrities.

Drunk Elephant’s new Slaai Cleansing Balm, via drunkelephant.com

Drunk Elephant’s new cleansing balm is sweeping across social media, like every DE product before it.

Meet Jessica Pels, a Cosmo Editor-in-Chief for the digital era.

Here’s a fascinating clip about silk marbling techniques used by Japanese artisans to make beautifully vivid textile prints.

Allure editor Jenny Bailly visits Seoul to check out recent developments in K-Beauty.

Here’s how ASMR has gone from being a weird internet niche to a big-bucks social media phenomenon.

A sex doll head, via Real Love Sex Dolls

Enter the uncanny world of sex doll makeup tutorials. Then, see my post about the hyperreal.

Tobacco companies are getting ever sneakier and wilier in their methods to hook young smokers. (Consider the recent Vice Media and Philip Morris scandal.)

Londoners rejoice, Pat McGrath Labs is opening a three-month popup at Selfridges.

You may have noticed that instagram’s beauty community is very.. maximalist in its approach. Product, and lots of it, seems key to a successful post.

The milkmaid look is cool. The milkmaid look is now. Become a milkmaid.

Or, if you’re more of a cowboy type: might I suggest the yeehaw agenda?

Is CBD skincare really doing anything for your skin? I get that it can help against anxiety, but my face doesn’t have anxiety.

Sobriety is a new frontier of wellness, and it’s one I welcome.

A breakdown of the periodic table of skincare, according to the SkincareAddiction subreddit.

As a big fan of TweetDelete, I too wonder why in the name of god Twitter won’t let users delete their tweets more easily. Some of us have embarrassing pasts to hide.

Beautylish was one of the first western retailers to adopt the lucky bag phenomenon from Japan, this year they used the mascot above for the event.

As a recovering Japanese street fashion fanatic, the fukubukuro trend in beauty is bittersweetly nostalgic. I used to get lucky bags from brands like Angelic Pretty and Baby The Stars Shine Bright back in the day.

Mi-Anne Chan goes dumpster diving to learn more about the wastefulness of the beauty industry.

A report from Beautycon, a strange and wonderful place.

The EWG is sponsoring a Californian cosmetic regulation bill, which is fine, I guess, but you know how alarmist things like these always are.

Where did all these hair accessories even come from?

Céline Dion is the global spokesperson for L’Oreal, above in a promotional image for the brand.

The new face of L’Oreal is none other than Céline Dion.

In a time of constant hustle and productivity, it’s not a bad idea to refuse to partake, and learn to do nothing.

China is changing its cosmetics testing regulations,taking a first step to end mandatory animal testing.

You know I love colour, so this new book on the history and meaning of colour is on my to-read list.

Blogger Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes tells Vogue about her experience living with endometriosis. Spoiler alert: It’s a fundamentally sucky disease to have. See a gyno if any of this sounds familiar.