It’s March. I’ve moved highlights to later in the month, as one does, I hope that feels okay! My treatment program ended at the start of the month, and I’m feeling a little weird about it.

Adwoa Aboa’s Revlon collab is so cute and cheery-looking, and there’s a really nostalgic vibe with the bright, colour-coded kits.

Dover Street Market is opening a dedicated beauty concept store in Paris. I’m salivating.

Courtesy of beautiful brilliant angel Hannah, how to reapply sunscreen like a genius.

A wellness influencer’s perspective on disordered eating.

Dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum answers all your retinol-related questions.

UZ colour eyeliners, via UZ.

Colour liners are really having a moment, and this Japanese brand is right on the money with their range. So glad that they’re doing an international launch! (Weird side note – on the asian blogs I’ve seen, the product is called UZU, not UZ – why the name change?)

Lupita Nyong’o has been doing some really avant garde beauty looks on her Us press tour – I’d describe it as 1930s Grace Jones makeup.

So what exactly is the ethical choice: real leather, or fake leather?

This rainbow eye makeup tutorial by MUA Yuui is SO cute, oh my gosh.

Beautiful stone tools, for massaging your beautiful face.

Green eyeshadow is my favourite thing right now. FAVOURITE.

All about the Jane Austen diet.

Hot Man Wears Scrunchie, Chaos Ensues.

Fashion Week walks are looking a little different than they used to.

Prepare to salivate: The most beautiful bento box I’ve seen.

One of Sephora’s new 80s-style products, via Sephora.

Sephora has revamped their in-house skincare, and it looks so 80s!

Watchdog org Truth in Advertising is urging the FTC to go after influencers for their undisclosed partnerships.

Ultraluxury brand Hermès is launching beauty products next year. I’m intrigued. Their fragrances have been fabulous.

Speaking of, this Hermès counterfeiting ring involved actual Hermès employees. Le gasp!

You know I’m obsessed with Jia Tolentino, and her piece on a buzzy activewear brand you may have heard of is SO REAL.

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According to Vogue, Gibson Girl-esque hairstyles are happening. I’m excited. I love that shit. I don’t love that these are referred to as “Victorian”, though. They’re Edwardian. Thank you.

LUSH talks about their recycled packaging and the issues associated with sticking to recycled materials.

Paul & Joe is big in Japan, so it makes sense that they’re doing a Doraemon collab. Ordinarily I’d talk shit about something like this but I really like Doraemon.

Why, Tarte. WHY.

Director Anna Biller (of The Love Witch, which I discussed in a blog post!) has an amazing blog about film, and her post about “feminist” film is so so good.

Glossier Play Eye Pencils, via Glossier

Emily Weiss explains the reasoning & development of Glossier Play.

We’ve seen these LED eyelashes a million times but they’re just SO COOL.

Hypebeasts are Kondo-ing their collections, and it’s hilarious.

The runway makeup trends for this season are CUTE.

Nothing defines our times more than the phenomenon of “woke” corporations.

Cherry Cake by Dinara Kasko, via

Have some sci-fi pastries by architect-turned-patissiere Dinara Kasko.

Lizzo’s on the cover of Allure, AS SHE SHOULD.

This piece on ridiculous Women’s Day stunts is hilariously salty. Bravo.

Feminism is not a fashion statement.

Millennial pink may be cute, but how many restaurants with pink decor can we take?

Pat McGrath Labs’ Mothership Eye Palette in Subversive: Obsessive Opulence, via Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath is now a billion-dollar brand, thank you, what of it?

Switching up your routine once is a while can be a good thing!

Here’s a look at this year’s fall/winter beauty looks.

I already mentioned Revlon, but I’m doing it again – this crystal-inspired collection is kinda cute!

The tiniest bag by Jacquemus, via The Cut.

The tiny Jacquemus handbag that went viral is a dream. I want a cluster of them, like a bunch of grapes. In each, a single activated almond.

The rise and fall of Julep.

Bio-engineered silk’s applications are many, and include beauty products!

This piece on social media psychics is… a lot.

Many beauty brands and retailers are utilizing augmented reality for digital makeovers.

And on the topic of beauty tech, here’s how that data is used against you.

Spinning off of that: on the mask in fashion and beauty, and what they say about the surveillance state.

Real women, schmeal women.

These beauty looks from Rick Owens’ FW19 show are FA BU LOUS.

Cult Beauty did a very special campaign for Women’s Day, and I’m glad to see more people than me are ambivalent about it.

Bar soap is having a renaissance – I don’t know if I’m loving it, I mean, bar soap kind of scares me… but it’s chic…

Here’s a primer on CBD, in audio format!