Happy Highlight day! The sun has started creeping out of hiding, and I find myself THIS CLOSE to yelling at random trees and shrubs to hurry the hell up with buds and leaves and flowers so I can at least have some assurance that spring is on its way. Well, it’s a little way to go, but it’s coming. I’m sure.

Joking about body image is as easy as it is common, but is it really that funny?

Apparently, Hot Topic is selling a Polly Pocket makeup collection. God help us all. (You know how I feel about this stuff.)

Following Ghana and The Ivory Coast, Rwanda is moving to outlaw skin bleaching products.

Triple Cleansing – it’s actually a thing! (I hate to say I told you so.)

“Hustle” culture is making us sick – why are young people so eager to become workaholics?

Image via Into The Gloss, shot by Tom Newton

These looks featuring colour mascara are VERY cute.

That cute period tracker app you rely on could actually be selling your personal information to monetize your bodily functions… menstruators, beware.

I feel weird linking to Buzzfeed after their egregious layoffs, but this piece on burnout is just so worth reading.

The culture of celebrity as authority is changing the meaning of truth, fact, and expertise on the internet. Looking at you, Gwyneth.

Weird, gross, ugly food! On China’s “Dark Cuisine” trend and bizarre western instagram bait snacks. Get into it. (Side note, vanilla ice cream with hot chili oil sounds…legitimately super good…)

Turning your passion into a job sounds great in theory, but what happens when what was one your source of joy becomes your source of income? Is it necessarily a good thing to do what you love?

A thousand dollar home for your lipstick, if you must. Via Louis Vuitton.

Apparently, it’s not enough to carry your pint-sized dog in Louis Vuitton: you may also drop $1000+ on a LV-monogrammed lipstick carrier. One must keep up appearances, I suppose.

Another celebrity beauty line on the horizon, marketed by Victoria Beckham.

A call for more queer rom-coms, and I can do nothing but agree. More queer cinema in general! Can I have a gay space opera, please!

Here’s a podcast interview with Kassia St Clair, colour historian. It’s all about the histories and meanings behind our favourite colours, some of which were once exceedingly difficult to procure.

Five different writers offer their perspective on red lipstick.

This piece on astrology hits so close to home AND the author references Adorno. Heart. Eyes. (I’m absolutely one of those girls who likes to look up everyone’s birth chart. Sue me!!!)

A vitamin C range is part of Pixi’s spring launch. Image c/o Pixi.

Pixi’s spring launch is absolutely humongous. Where do I even start?

Man Repeller’s one-sentence reviews are always a delight, and so digestible!

Retinoids seem to be spring’s hottest ticket – Bakuchiol is nature’s gentler alternative.

The Pop-Up restaurant seems to be the beauty marketing ploy of the times, with brands like L’Occitane, Glossier and Benefit among the latest participants. (Side note: in Japan and Korea, many beauty boutiques offer café amenities, such as the famous Shiseido “Parlour” in Ginza)

Beauty brands and makeup artists’ roles at fashion week have changed, and it might be for both better and worse.

Like I said in my latest post, barrettes are going nowhere soon. I need to get my hands on some. Desperately.

It appears that chic, accessible, and ‘grammable sex toys are the vibe, if you’ll pardon the pun.

All you need to know about CBD, the buzziest ingredient in skin care, food, and supplements in a long time.

On “clean” beauty and the way the term may be misleading. I admit, it’s not my favourite marketing phenomenon.

Let’s be frank: The plastic waste cause by the beauty industry is a problem.

How much longer will the skincare boom last?

Chanel’s Beauty Atelier in SoHo, image via Chanel

Chanel’s NYC Beauty pop-up looks like a candy store for lovers of makeup and colour.

This story about at-risk Kashimiri saffron growers is fascinating, beautiful, and heartbreaking.

While injectables are often marketed as noninvasive and “simple” procedures, they require trained professionals and come with their own set of risks. Please for the love of god do not have injections performed at suspiciously low prices.

ColourPop’s new multicoloured eyeliners look cute.

Lucy Liu is not only an actress, but an accomplished visual artist whose paintings are gaining international attention.

That’s all for now! Perhaps by the time I post my next highlights, spring has sprung at least a little.