Having been named the horniest fruit, the cherry certainly has some symbolic and stylistic clout. Its likeness goes in and out of style, whether that’s as colours, shapes or scents, and I say we’re in full throttle cherry mania right now. In fashion, patterns featuring this evocative stone fruit abound, and recently Man Repeller included a cherry-shaped hair clip (fusing two trends!) in their “nap kit” collab with Negative Underwear. The cherry earring has become a ubiquitous accessory, too. I might be really upset that I can’t get it. I do love naps. Either way, sexy cherries are dominating beauty as well as fashion, so let’s see who and what is to blame.

The Tom Ford Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum product image from the Tom Ford webshop.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry EDP
Oh, where do I begin to talk about this. That name would be enough, but the copy accompanying the product in digital retailers involves words like “dripping”, “teasing”, and “penetrate”. It’s like it was written by a porn-crazed teenager with a thesaurus. I love you, but you have to stop watching so much porn, Tom Ford. Seriously.

A teaser image originally posted on Instagram, via @limecrimemakeup

Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss
Again, we’re taking a turn to the pornographic, but what can you do. This ultra-shiny lip gloss was marketed in the company of maraschino cherries in absurd amounts. At least nobody’s talking about penetration. But they do use the word “dripping”. And wet.

A nude cherry manicure by nail artist Kesang Gurung on instagram @kesangthenailartist

Cherry Manicures
According to Refinery29, the cherry motif is all over nail bloggers’ fingers on instagram. I admit, it’s very cute, and it isn’t a super tricky shape to draw, so I might be able to pull it off! If nail art isn’t your thing, a vivid cherry-red might be what you need. I love “Sweetheart” from H&M and “Aperitif” from Essie.

A Glossier sticker from their app.

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Cherry
While this balm isn’t a recent release, I kind of have to mention glossier since they not only have this cherry-flavoured product, they’ve featured cherries in their marketing images (like the wallpapers) and on their stickers send out with orders. I’d argue that they’re early adopters when it comes to this particular trend.

A promo image posted on @urbandecaycosmetics

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection
Urban Decay is no stranger to sexual innuendo, so it’s no surprise at all that this particular release is packed with them. The collection includes a palette, lipsticks, eye pencils all in shades of burgundy and pink, the colours of black cherries. And yes. They say it’s sultry and ripe for the picking. Yuck.

As queasy as the sexual overtones (and undertones…and midtones) of this trend makes me, I do have a soft spot for cherry-themed anything. Whether it’s a colour, a pattern, a shape (like these handmade perfume bottles. Squee.) or a print, it’s definitely appealing. I guess I’m a total follower after all – I did write this post eating a bag of chocolate-covered cherries, and just added a pair of cherry earrings to my wishlist.

Header image: “Cherry” by Gottlieb Thomas Wilhelm, 1810.