It’s September. Turn on that Earth Wind & Fire track. Put on some boots. Enjoy these beauty highlights.

Paging Elizabeth Bathory – blood may be the key to eternal youth and beauty after all. (I just had a flash of a deeply dystopian future in which the young and impoverished sell their blood to… oh wait, that’s already happening)

The Urban Decay Naked palette is officially retiring. Is it too cliché to say it’s the end of an era?

The noninvasive, temporary nose job is here – but how safe is it? I think you shouldn’t do anything that Rossy de Palma wouldn’t do, but what do I know. I’m only a big nose loving fool.

Céline is now… Celine. Thanks a lot, Slimane. Truly.

This piece on the fragile relationship between mind and body hit me right in the heart.

Here’s some gorgeous makeup inspired by clouds, as featured on Instagram. I wish I had the skills and patience!

Here’s a thought: Follower counts as social currency may be on the way out.

These photos of Rohingya refugees in traditional Thanaka sunblock are a striking depiction of life and tradition in the direst of humanitarian crises.

So… how much does it cost to be a beauty influencer?

Crawl into the mind of a fashion designer and see what inspires them.

Beauty and food is my favourite topic to critique. Shu Uemura is collaborating with a chocolatier, and god, that’s a lot to unpack.

The global fashion industry keeps failing to adapt to humane working conditions – why?

Glossier is launching a spot treatment called a Zit Stick, and it looks like one of those stain removal pens! Cool, but benzoyl peroxide does nothing for me so I’ll pass.

This has almost nothing to do with beauty (my shaky connection here is that tomatoes contain lycopene which is good for your skin) but it’s tomato season and it’ll be over before you know it, so here are some recipes.

How sincere are the beauty brands promoting LGBT representation? Can we trust them? This piece is a little soft for my liking, but interesting nonetheless.

Pedro da Costa Felgueiras restores paints from the ancient palette – a true colour alchemist! What a dream.

Gloria Steinem is selling lip balm, of all things – but it’s for a good cause.

This review of A.Human, yet another “experience” in the form of instagram-friendly scenography, is tickling me in just the right way. I wish I wrote this.

Colourpop’s mothership, Seed Beauty, is expanding into skincare with Fourth Ray Beauty. Note the reasonably-priced rose quartz face roller!

Cat face towels. That’s all.

Beth Ditto is one of the chicest and most divine beings in the universe, so here’s an interview with her, all about beauty, belonging, and being an outsider.

I wrote about this topic recently, but you should also pay attention to Harling Ross’s thoughts on the ethics of facetune, filters, and retouching on instagram.

Does this Japanese beauty brand look mega cool or what?! What avant-garde, sci fi-esque packaging.

The online beauty community is all agog after youtuber after youtuber “speaks out” about the toxic culture of influencerdom – here’s a recap. (I have thoughts. You will hear them.)

In the interview above, Jameela Jamil describess the double agents for the patriarchy – women who use the language of empowerment to profit off other women’s insecurities. Bravo.

Natural fragrance is a hot ticket – here’s how perfume has entered the green beauty sphere. Personally, I really appreciate the complexity of natural fragrance. However, naturally derived fragrance compounds are often rare, expensive, and sometimes even endangered. Sometimes “green” is worse for the planet.

Now here’s a movie I’m looking forward to – Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite, a 17th-century costume drama with sapphic undertones, hilarious melancholy comedy, and truly eccentric characters.

Need a Fashion Week briefing? Vanessa Friedman prepares us for the coming show season.

One of my favourite people on the internet is Natalie Wynn of Contrapoints – here’s a lush interview with her decked out in rococo finery. Yum!

Ohii beauty is Urban Outfitters’ new in-house beauty brand… and it’s… mega cute. The shapes! The colours! So artsy!

For women who are denied medical attention, the pseudoscience sold by Goop may be a refuge. Again – I have thoughts on this. You WILL hear them.

Speaking of goop, those jade eggs are costing them.

Once-maligned weeds are now taking center stage in floral arrangements and cooking.

We’re talking about unethical working conditions in the fashion industry again. It turns out that garment production workers aren’t the only ones being underpaid.

Are these colourful brow looks not divine? I need to start doing coloured brows again!