There’s something about the obsession with full coverage and super opaque makeup that annoys me. It’s like everything has to  be super intense or it’s a “bad” product – descriptors like “pigmented” have become synonymous with “good”. I disagree! I am a contrarian by nature, but by jove, I disagree. I think sheer products have a place and I often prefer them. Let me tell you why. Whether something is opaque or not is not the end all-be all of product quality. Blendability, finish, wear, and colour design are all crucial components of a product that seem to be neglected to make space for the almighty “pigmentation”. You know what was pigmented? The Anastasia Subculture palette. And we know how that worked out.

I recently bought a product that had been kind of poorly received by reviewers because it was considered too sheer. I bought this product anyway, because being sheer is part of the appeal. It literally says on the box that it has a translucent finish. And there’s a place for that! I like a sheer wash of colour, I think it looks lovely and modern.

When people complain that, for example, a highlighter is “not pigmented enough” I just about lose my marbles. Why is that bad? Highlighters are supposed to add a lustrous sheen, not colour! Am I a crazy person? Or is there a place for colour that more resembles watercolour than acrylic?

I like my foundation coverage light. I think a sheer lipstick can look sublime. A liquid blush that lets freckles shine through, or an eyeshadow that almost dyes the skin rather than cover it sounds just wonderful to me.