I’m enjoying summer, though I’m a little bummed that it’s been muggy the past few days. I’m worried about my tomato plants – it’s been so windy they’re clinging on for dear life! Aside from my plant worries, I’m in such a pinterest phase, I can’t stop looking at ancient jewellery and moroccan rugs and japanese packaging design. Here are some highlights – it’s kind of a low point in beauty news since everyone is on holiday this time of year, so it’s a little thin.

Header image: Iris van Herpen

I literally cannot wait to watch the Kevyn Aucoin documentary. Gah.

Guerlain Meteorites are such a classic luxury product, I mean, they’re ridiculous but enticing. They’re doing a cushion version next, apparently. Side note – anybody else reminded of vintage sifter compacts by these mesh-covered cushions?

Becoming a hermit to avoid sun exposure sounds like something I might actually do.

A fashion trend that’s blossomed impressively lately, Instagram blouses are definitely a thing I’m loving , I feel like I neeeed one!!!

This profile on Sephora’s Innovation Manager Nelly Mensah has charmed me. What a woman!

Stila’s new jewel tones are calling my name. Those emerald and sapphire shades are STU-NNING. Reminds me of renaissance art!

I’m a big fan of colour theory and trends – here’s a piece on the frankly hysterical hunt for the next millennial pink. Can’t we like all the colours? I like all the colours.

Fashion interns and assistants have had quite enough of the hazing and mistreatment they suffer in the industry – finally!

As a cat lady of note, I’m kind of loving this Paul & Joe stuff, especially the suspiciously phallic cat lipstick.

Okay, can I watch this 1950s lesbian romantic drama immediately? Please?

I’ve been mentioning Flesh beauty a lot – here’s Linda Wells’ thoughts on launching the brand and why it’s got such a controversial name. I actually really like that it makes people uncomfortable – it feels right somehow.

Super-crinkly aluminium tubes from Aesop.

I always enjoy reading Racked, and this piece on a beauty packaging trend was such a joy! I’m definitely a big fan of aluminium tubes, I love the way they crinkle up… but I always manage to crack them.

On the legacy of groundbreaking lesbian Chicana photographer Laura Aguilar. Her self portraits taken in the wilderness, where her body mirrors the scenery, are incredible.

So those glitter sunscreens are probably reeeeal bad for the environment. This recent trend for glitter in skincare is bumming me out! First those dreadful masks, now this? Make it stop!

One of my favourite people, food artist & chef Laila Gohar, makes a pair of really disgusting salad servers out of chewing gum. Talk about making sacrifices for art!

I’m sorry but… even more Deciem strangeness. This brand is tempestuous. Make it stop.

Editorial work by cosmetic still life stylist Marissa Gimeno.

Apropos destroying makeup, this beauty prop stylist is a makeup smash pro. Also: She likes stacks. So do I. So do I.

Couture week brings a fresh batch of beauty looks to steal and be inspired by.

Jane’s post on influencer fraud and follower counts is so needed. This industry needs to straighten up for sure.

YSL doesn’t normally do it for me, but creative director Tom Pecheux has piqued my interest with his debut collection. I love the colours in that palette!

Anybody else find it bizarre how obsessed people got with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’ beauty routine? Like, who cares about her makeup, she’s a groundbreaking politician… can we let a woman do her job without mentioning her looks?

Inspo: Abstract Art Eyes

Editorial shot from Atlas magazine