It’s a great month for beauty – finally June, and officially summer. June is the month of lilacs, heatwaves, thunderstorms and of course, it’s Pride month  so all in all, a pretty good time of year. We’re seeing a lot of new product launching right about now – Here are the latest highlights. This post contains affiliate links.

Andrea Cheng of The New York Times asks: Is acne cool now? I hope so, because my stress breakouts are no joke.

Dior’s new foundation line looks verrrrryy interesting to me. I’m listening, Dior… I’m listening.

Crayola just launched a beauty line at ASOS (affiliate link). I’m on the fence here – I love beauty products that mimic art supplies, but am wary of the infantilizing overtones of the crayola brand. That said, those multipurpose crayons are kind of genius. I’ll probably be trying them.

I love all these looks published on Allure. All of them.

Why do some lipsticks cost $5, while others $50? Cheryl Wischhover of Racked clears up the method to the madness that is beauty pricing.

RODIN Mermaid Collection

RODIN, makers of my favourite lipsticks, are doing a mermaid collection for summer. I elect to see this as a sea witch collection, though.

Labels aren’t always all that helpful – amen to that!

I loved this feature on beauty culture and the living situations of incarcerated women. Be warned for descriptions of sexual and physical abuse.

I’m a big fan of Surratt and glossy lids, so these lid lacquers intrigue me.

“Generic” brand-style beauty products are gaining traction – appealing to a no-fuss minimalist lifestyle that resonates with millennials.

ipsy made a BIG mistake for Pride month. For shame.

Flesh Beauty

A new brand is on the horizon – Beauty Editor Linda Wells’ is launching Flesh (side note – this is one of my favourite words, no joke) which looks to be focused on complexion products in stick form, with a wide range of shades. Okay, maybe we don’t need more beauty brands, but how chic is that packaging!

More chic beauty looks for your consideration.

Gloss is absolutely cool again, and these new Marc Jacobs gloss sticks look totally lush (affiliate link). Incidentally Marc Jacobs has some of the prettiest packaging in the biz, don’t you agree?

How much longer will internet celebrities be able to rely on advertising for steady paychecks? Not a minute longer, says The Outline.

L’Oreal has acquired the license to produce and market luxury beauty products and fragrances for Valentino.

The scam that is capitalist body positivity.

Speaking of fashion brands, the Proenza Schouler collab with Lancôme looks fabulous.

Kim K and Trump hanging out in the White House is proof that we’re living in the darkest timeline. If you need me I’ll be in my bunker.

Man Repeller makes the case for lime green.

Paula’s Choice was one of the first serious skincare lines I tried, and here’s a profile of the brand’s founder Paula Begoun that will definitely raise eyebrows.

Nobody’s missed the latest bizarre development in the controversy around Deciem, but here’s an article to remind you of what’s going on.

Inspo: Blush Boy – This Korean brand called Lily By Red has the most gorgeous boy modeling their products. The aesthetic is so perfect I die.