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Trend analysis is one of my favourite pastimes, but sometimes I want to invent my own trend. I’m more or less desperate to launch Sea Witch into the 2018 mainstream. I’m seeing some sea witch vibes appear – not sure if it’s really happening or if I’m just seeing what I want to see – but here’s some evidence and inspiration to make this really happen. Consider the Sea Witch look to have all the marine themes of the mermaid trend, but without the cutesy sparkles. Think kelp forest rather than tropical coral reef. More Ursula than Ariel.

Photo: L:A Bruket

Take The Ocean Home
Finally the owner of a bathtub, one of the first products I bought were bath salts – it makes sense to bathe in salty water, like the sea. To take things further would be to invest in a box of dried seaweed from LA Bruket or Haeckels* – apparently you’re supposed to scrub your body with the seaweed in the tub. I can’t imagine anything more sea witch-y. For a less slimy option, LA Bruket just launched a liquid bath soak made with algae – and it looks just like those vile green juices people keep drinking.

Why stick to sea salt when you can make your bathtub feel like an aquarium?

photo: Peet Dullaert “Vita” Earring

Shells, Pearls and Corals
A cute shell-shaped charm or prissy pearl necklace are preppy staples, but the new way to wear the treasures of the ocean is of a less polished, perfect variety. Lumpy oyster shell earrings, huge asymmetrical baroque pearls or large sculptural seashells feature in earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I’m weak for coral, personally – but it’s best to stick to vintage or imitation in this category. A frontrunner of this shell jewellery trend is designer Peet Dullaert whose gilded shell earrings are the stuff of dreams. A single baroque pearl, like a renaissance noble might wear, is a good idea too – and why not store your treasures in one of those mega tacky jewellery boxes everyone had in the 90s, covered in tiny shells?

For the less fortunate among us (like me), it’s actually pretty easy to DIY this look – knick an oyster shell or two from your local fishmonger, or go beachcombing, then attach your find to a cheap hoop to wear in your ear. If you’re not into the DIY vibe, H&M actually stock some pretty neat seashell earrings right now (these cowrie ones are my favourites.)

Makeup by Shiseido artist FUKUIKE

Murky Makeup Colours
Kat von D launched an olive green liquid lipstick to much buzz and surprise, but honestly – we’ve been wearing murky colours for ages! Nyx carries a metallic olive that shimmers like seaweed, and a whole spectrum of greens and browns evoke the deep sea on eyes, lips and cheeks. I’m personally a fan of brushing a green mascara through my brows.

One of my favourite brands, Rituel de Fille (it’s very witchy!) carries an eyeshadow called Serpent de Mer* that’s been calling my name. Aside from a colour scheme evoking murky, treacherous waters, a wet look for hair and face is a great option – a gelled-down backslick or a glossy eye makes you look like you’ve just walked out of the sea. (Pair with a dewy, flushed complexion and pearls for optimal results.)

Haeckels Micro Algae Serum

The Ocean in Skincare
Seaweed has been in used in skincare for ages – I remember my first skincare routine being from the body shop’s seaweed series. Nowadays, you can get kelp sheet masks, algae face creams and serums with extracts from seaweed and shellfish. The aforementioned Haeckels* and LA Bruket feature seaweed heavily in their formulas and their brand identity.

La Mer, a brand used by rich aunts all over the globe, refers to their mysterious marine extracts as a “miracle broth” and cult UK brand Elemis is known for their Marine Collagen line. At the lower end of the market, K-Beauty brands like Tony Moly and Blithe stock sheet masks with everything from kelp to sea cucumber*. For an extra-luxe experience, pearl extracts are popular in skincare as well – my favourite face mask from My Beauty Diary contains black pearl extract.

What do you think? Are you ready to get witchy?