I started highlights (formerly known as weekend since I had the foolish ambition to post them every weekend) as a way to share the most interesting happenings in beauty with a sprinkling of current events and feminism. Now it’s been a little over a year, and it’s still one of the most fun things to put together – like a potpourri of goodies to read with a cup of tea and a snack. Enjoy.

I’m agonizing over this beautiful (And Asia-exclusive) Guerlain compact.

The story I’ve been waiting for all my life – can you use a Foreo as a vibrator? (Side note: I’ve known Lelo and Foreo were, er, sister companies for a long time.)

These summery lip looks by Lisa Eldridge are so bright and lovely. I love the idea of doing a half-glossy lip!

Ever needed an etiquette guide for the nail salon? Well, here you go.

Astrology is so trendy, and several beauty brands are launching zodiac-themed products. I’m a sucker for these Bite Zodiac lipsticks. (I’m a Libra sun with a Leo moon, by the way)

image c/o Into The Gloss, link below.

While I hesitate to agree that eye makeup has much of an effect on your happiness, I do love these eye makeup tips.

Nyma Tang is designing a lipstick for MAC!! I’m so happy for her, I love her youtube channel.

This conversation between Sadbh O’Sullivan and Ruby Tandoh really resonated with me. The way they describe anxiety around food hits close to home.

Sauce…swoop…eyeshadow? I guess. (It is a pretty nice look)

Rodin’s lipstick formula is one of my favourites, so I’m thrilled they’re expanding the colour range!

Pat McGrath Mattetrance Lipstick Set for Valentine’s Day

These red Pat McGrath Valentine’s lipsticks are just TOO GORGEOUS.

Combine two of my favourite things, cocktails and skincare by making…serum cocktails!

Leandra Medine shares her skincare purge… what she got rid of, and the products she kept.

The New Inquiry is one of my favourite web publications this article by Amba Azaad is such an absolute treasure, discussing how loneliness has different consequences for the disenfranchised than for the powerful. It’s so good!!!

“Freakebana” Arrangement by Carla Valdivia, photo by Leonel Salguero

One of my goals for the year is to take an ikebana class, and this article on “Freakebana” is so inspiring! I love that sweet potato. It’s charming.

By now this article by Krithika Varagur has made the rounds – and the responses and reactions are positively hailing. I do appreciate that the article sparked a debate, even if the article itself didn’t impress me.

So let’s look at some responses: Racked’s takedown was swift and sharp, while Man Repeller’s dialogue felt open and introspective.

If you’re interested in how skincare became such a big deal in the first place, I recommend this article from The Cut.

Sugarpill x Little Twin Stars Makeup Collection

Confession: I have a mega soft spot for Sanrio. So you won’t be surprised that this Sugarpill x Little Twin Stars collab turned me back into a kawaii-obsessed 14-year old.

Did you cringe when you saw Glossier rag on other brands’ products on their instagram? So did Caroline Hirons. (I’m still a huge sucker and really want that solid perfume. It’s so cute…)

Speaking of social media mishaps (or perhaps disasters) – what in the world is going on with Deciem?!

UPDATE: Racked has now published a piece about the Deciem situation.

Riley Rose is Forever21’s beauty boutique chain, and they just opened e-commerce..and it looks…really nice?!

Inspo: 70’s Romance – I’m so into sheer pastels right now!