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2017 is nearing its end. Something about this time of year feels so relaxing somehow – perhaps it’s the holiday food that just makes me drowsy – but there’s something comforting about saying goodbye to the past year and turning over a new leaf. Okay, I’ll stop being corny – seriously, what the flip was 2017 even about.

So much disaster. In so many ways. We had some seriously misguided political decisions being made in the world. But since this is a beauty blog and not the New York Times, I’ll take it easy and just talk about my beauty favourites for the past year. These are (almost) all products I reviewed on the blog this year, so you can read along if anything piques your interest.

In terms of makeup, I really fell into a passionate love affair with the Armani Lip Magnet which I originally tried as part of the Daisy Beauty Awards lipstick category. It’s really comfortable, easy to apply, and looks smashing. It’s remained a solid favourite throughout the year. Another lipstick that wowed me was the Rodin Luxury Lipstick, which managed to be both lightweight and heavily pigmented. Plus, the packaging is really cool.  I also loved the Chanel Stylo Yeux in Noir Petrole, a sort of oil slick colour that looks kind of black and grey and green, it blends out like a dream and doesn’t look too harsh like a regular black might. It also stays put once it’s set, which works great for those therapy sessions wherein I cry a lot.

Speaking of crying, cream blushes make me cry with joy. I’ve tried and loved ones from Glossier, Rituel de Fille and & Other Stories and the way they melt into your skin makes powder blush seem passé. For nails, the standout favourite is the H&M Nail Polish, which manages to be cheap, chic and long-wearing. The smaller bottle is great if you’re like me and never actually finish a bottle of polish before it dries up. At this point, it’s the only nail polish I wear because it’s just that good. Yes, I like it better than the high end brands.

Skincare-wise, It’s been a year of infidelity, as I’ve branched out from my usual routine and tried a LOT of new stuff. Pixi Peel & Polish has knocked down the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin mask from its seat of glory and is now my best friend. Seriously, if you’re on the market for an exfoliating mask – this thing is the bomb. It’ll give you a brand new face. My favourite cleanser this year was the Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser – I just wish it was easier to get hold of in Europe!

This has also been a year of facial oils for me – I’ve been sceptical of them before but now I’m officially a convert. Starting with Sunday Riley Luna (which I really wanted to hate), I went on some kind of voyage of self-discovery which ended in me declaring my obsession with Rosehip Seed Oil. It’s an affordable oil that is nice to any skin type, even if you’re naturally self-greasing like myself. The beta-carotene in the oil acts as a mild retinoid so there’s an added benefit!

In the slideshow below you can find my favourite products of the year from my preferred retailers 🙂 Let me know what your favourites of the year are!