Hi again! This Highlights post is a little overdue, I’ve been in a general slump the past few months and november was tough. I don’t hide that I have certain mental health problems, but I also have a bunch of chronic physical problems too which sometimes intensify and kind of knock me out. I’m starting to feel a little better, and I’m excited for the coming year which I think will bear many positive changes! Remember to take care of yourselves during the holidays and let’s make 2018 our own (yeah, I’ll stop being corny now.)

This uh.. Pat McGrath-inspired Victoria’s Secret gift series is painfully awkward.

What’s the big controversy about buying beauty products just because the packaging is cute? Sometimes, it’s the outside that counts.

This piece on the failures of sex positive feminism made me get up and do a little dance, it’s so good. It’s NSFW, obviously.

Lucia Pica is a woman who knows her stuff, and the Chanel Neapolis collection is sooooo up my alley. The colours!

I’ve never been to NYC, and all I need in life is to go to Brooklyn and eat everything from BurrowI mean, Just look at this collab they did with the perfumers from Regime des Fleurs. Dreams! (yes, that is a $75 perfume cookie. deal with it.)

Drunk Elephant is one of the most interesting brands to me, I keep visiting their site to drool over everything. Anyway, they just introduced a new product, a polypeptide cream. Mama want.

Kelsey Ford’s “Slashed Beauty: On Female Masks in The Skin I Live In, Eyes Without a Face, and Under the Skin” is a fascinating exploration of the female mask.

The Swag Project is a behemoth series about how to handle all the samples and free stuff sent to editors and influencers. The sheer mass of product is enough to make me dizzy.

Here’s a genius gift guide – the cheapest things from designer brands. Just what I need!

Why do people love those pimple popper videos so much?  Let’s say I prefer popping my own pimples, thanks.

Here’s a tumblr post about the (long, crucial) history of women in tech. There’s a textile spin, of course.

These glittery, tinsel-y eyelashes are SO perfect, I wonder if I can do it too. Would they fall off within a few minutes? Either way I need them.

Listen. I’m so over highlighters I basically never want to see them again. But this Too Faced one is so tacky and kitschy… I kind of love it. Do I need it though? Nah.

This Britney Spears documentary video clip is strangely mesmerizing, and it may be a precursor to the GRWM video trend.

Inspo: the skin of a peach, because I can’t stop thinking about summer.

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