Listen, I know this is a cliché but… where the hell did this year go?! It’s November already?!?! (cue nervous breakdown about lost time) This month has been so eventful, lots of studying, job interviews, bad financial decisions…phew! Anyway, here are this month’s highlights. Make a big cup of tea, light an overpriced scented candle (this is my favourite right now), and enjoy the reading.

First and Second-generation immigrants were the innovators behind the world’s biggest beauty corporations in the 20th century.

I love slip dresses. This piece on the histories and meanings of this classic garment takes us from Marie Antoinette to Scarface to Rihanna. (Feel free to buy me this specific dress, by the way.)

Finally a voice of reason regarding coconut oil. That’s what I’ve been preaching and praying and praying and saying!!!

I feel like there are suddenly so many beauty podcasts to listen to – this episode of Breaking Beauty features Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson. I’m dying to try her brand!

Julianne Moore as Charley in A Single Man, featured on

This made my heart skip a beat: a website that archives the beauty products seen on film and television. Swoon!

A trend in both beauty and fashion is “neutral” branding or a “no brand” aesthetic. What does this say about our generation’s relationship to brands and shopping?

Isn’t this fascinating: What quilting and embroidery can teach us about narrative form.

Oh my goodness. This deeply personal and relatable piece on Man Repeller raises a question I think many women mull over anxiously – What do I look like?

On a lighter note, here’s the funniest contouring tutorial I’ve seen in my life. This woman is a genius.

Here’s a beautiful profile on the singularly female gaze of early 20th century fashion photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe.

Jeepers. This youtuber fan event sounds like a disaster!

I looooooove Patrick Nagel, it’s my goal in life to look like his illustrations. Urban Decay has created three lip palettes featuring his artwork – I don’t really use lip palettes, but I like the idea of his art on beauty packaging.

This guy copied Tom Ford’s lifestyle… and it’s a hilarious journey through cheap doughnuts, raw fish, and lots and lots of baths. That last photo of a piece of salmon encircled with powdered mini doughnuts is downright anxiety-inducing!

Picasso-style makeup courtesy of Bustle

Speaking of art and beauty, these halloween looks inspired by famous artworks are so up my alley.

“Being a woman is inherently uncanny” is such a right and true thing. This interview with Carmen Maria Machado only cements her place on my must-read list. Everything she says is sumptuous and brilliant.

Cult favourite fragrance label Le Labo (somewhat recently launched in Stockholm!) is branching into skincare. I’m fascinated but also a little skeptical – scent is so different from skincare!

Yeah, another article about millennial pink, this time by colour expert Kassia st Clair. Would we even do so many thinkpieces if it weren’t called millennial pink? (we’re seeing a similar trend with gen z yellow…)

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