You guys. I love beauty products, I love using them, buying them, talking about them… but let’s not forget the all-important tools of your skincare routine. Now, this isn’t the fancy stuff you might keep around, like facial massagers, cleansing brushes or freezer eye masks. This is all about the affordable, disposable essentials that make your beauty routine easy and mess-free. My favourite, most-used beauty tools.

Fancy cotton pads

As a major acid toner fanatic, finding the right application method is important. Regular cotton pads are nice and soft, but I hate how much product they soak up! I felt like I was wasting my precious acids. So when I heard about these Peelable cottons from Muji, they sounded exactly like what I needed. You can take these babies apart to get these reeeally thin cotton sheets that don’t steal your expensive toners for their own nefarious purposes.

Tiny cotton buds

Ok, Muji again, I swear I just like their products a lot. These cotton buds are smaller and firmer than normal ones, so they’re great for cleaning up messy eyeliner wings or mascara smears with precision. These are also biodegradable since the stick part is made from paper.


I found these little plastic spatulas in the beauty supply section of a department store. Jar packaging is notoriously unhygienic – imagine the bacteria reproducing in there, yuck – so using a clean spatula to dispense product is much more sanitary, plus it feels kind of fancy. These also do a decent job of mixing product together if you wanna swirl an oil into your night cream or something.

Sheet mask tablets

Everybody and their mama loves a sheet mask, and these little tablets are the perfect way of DIY-ing your own. Most sheet masks are over-saturated with essence, and there’s almost always leftover essence in the sachet. Enter the sheet mask tablet, pop one in, close the bag up and wait a couple of minutes for the tablet to rehydrate. Tada! Two sheet masks for the price of one. You can also use this method to make a mask out of your favourite essence or toner.