I like to fantasize about being a buyer. While I have no clue about the intricacies of the profession, I like the idea of choosing special things for a living. Chic, cute, fabulous stuff that you can’t get just anywhere – I obsess over this on sleepless nights and literally keep a list of brands I need to see stocked in Stockholm stores.

This all sounds pathological now that I’ve written it down, but who isn’t pathological in this day and age?!

Aside from my absolutely perfect sense of taste, I have a gift for nagging, whining and complaining. About aesthetics in particular, I can be a real brat – how dare you frost that cupcake with that nozzle! How dare no stores in this godforsaken city stock that cool niche brand that most people don’t care for!

So with the hope that a Stockholm-based buyer might stumble across my blog, here’s a list of beauty brands I’m literally gagging to see on store shelves near me. No pressure.

Drunk Elephant
The subject of many a romantic fantasy for me, Drunk Elephant is one of those brands that seems to have an impossibly loyal fanbase and stellar reviews for literally every product. The packaging is cool, the formulas innovative and the price tag terrifying for a student like myself.

Canadian lipstick legends Bite are, to say the least, up my alley since lip products are my obsession. They don’t do a ton of different formulas, but they do a ton of different colours, like the dark blue one above called “Squid Ink”.

Herbivore Botanicals
A brand I’ve mentioned a few times recently, Herbivore is one of those indie brands that’s invaded the mainstream in a big way. Impossibly instagrammable packaging, natural ingredients (though you know I don’t really care about that) and trendy features like blue tansy and gemstones would make Herbivore a surefire hit on Swedish shelves. IMHO.

So, okay, this is cheating – LIXIR is a baby brand, only a few weeks old. But I can just imagine it in a department store or a perfumery, it’s minimalistic and fresh and very intriguing. The range is so edited-down you wouldn’t even need that much shelf space!! (and it’d even be reasonable to buy every product. I swear.)


Another surefire hit up here, Fresh has those bath and beauty products that seem to be made for a self-care home spa session with clays, oils and botanical extracts. If I had a bathtub, I’d go for the sake bath. I love sake. And baths.


Charlotte Tilbury
I literally don’t understand why Charlotte Tilbury doesn’t have a department store counter in Stockholm. It’s a mystery. I just wanna stroke those art deco compacts, and swatch those palettes in person… please?

Rituel de Fille
Another one of those brands I can’t shut up about, Rituel de Fille specializes in natural formulas in bold colours, and their entire range consists of different creme textures. Duh, I love creme makeup. I’ve only tried their creme blush, and liked it a lot.

Purely based on packaging and colour selection, J.Hannah is a nail polish range with a very edited palette. I’m very faithful to one or two brands of polish, but I’d be willing to add this to my nail colour wardrobe.

Sunday Riley
Another no-brainer, Sunday Riley is so outrageously hyped it’s about time us scandinavians got a piece of the action. While I’m still a little sceptical of the, er, considerable price tag, I think Sunday Riley is a very chic line and I’d like to at least have the option. I’ve previously reviewed the Luna oil here.

What are the brands or products you wish were more accessible to you?