When’s the last time you heard the term “empowering” in a context that wasn’t completely ridiculous?

Empowerment has gone from being a feminist concern to an advertising buzzword used to sell anything and everything to women. I’ve seen sexy lingerie, menstrual products, snacks and pussy highlighter all being sold as “empowering”. Clearly, this word means nothing of value anymore – it’s window dressing for a “woke” female consumer. You can be a good feminist and a profitable consumer all in one neat package.

There’s a point where you just can’t swallow the word “empowering” anymore. For me, the final straw was the aforementioned pussy highlighter. In fact, it’s not just a pussy highlighter, it’s a whole damn pussy skincare line. The website describes the brand as “an entire new category of luxury beauty care that empowers women to feel beautiful all over.”

Of course, this isn’t the only brand to use pseudo-feminist marketing. Dove is notorious for their corny adverts lauding natural beauty. Mass-market fast fashion chains make big bucks flogging t-shirts with shallowly pro-woman slogans. I just saw a bag of pink gum drops sold as “Berry Boobs” with “Instant Girl Power”.

So is it a total and utter evil that beauty products are being marketed with feminist ideology? Maybe not. It’s certainly better than the openly hostile beauty copy of the past. But let’s not kid ourselves – shopping isn’t going to liberate you or any other woman. Pussy highlighter won’t empower you – it’ll just make your genitals shiny.

Beauty isn’t power. It’s just beauty. And that’s fine. I just wish we could stop pretending otherwise.