A beauty trend that shows no sign of stopping is this kind of witchy, hippie, new age inspiration that’s given us a plethora of products with mysterious names and even more mysterious ingredient lists. Gemstones, herbs and oils feature in countless formulas. Part of me thinks this new age fad is a little corny, but my inner witch is doing cartwheels with glee. I was absolutely that weird girl in third grade who tried to be a witch.

While I’ve abandoned my dreams of becoming a priestess of darkness as a career, I have a soft spot for anything ooky spooky. A few summers back I took a class on the occult and esotericism in western culture and it only made me feel more enchanted with the mystic and magical.

me revealing myself as a servant of dark forces

This occult trend in beauty takes a few different directions – there’s the overt goth style of brands like Kat von D and Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, the downright hippie-pandering of Poppy & Someday’s cannabis-infused salves, dubious herbal “beauty supplements” from Moon Juice and the slightly more down-to-earth class of natural and organic beauty from Tata Harper and Shiva Rose.

I’ve selected a few products from brands I think are expressing this trend in an interesting way, whether by formula or packaging design. Obviously, no Gwyneth-style vagina eggs, though.

Buly 1803 Pommade Concreté Hand Cream
An auspicious toiletry brand with packaging that references victorian romanticism, ancient legends and medieval artwork, Buly sells everything from artisanal toothbrushes to plant oils in beautiful bottles. This hand cream makes me think of tarot cards or spell books. No self-respecting palm reader would read a dry hand, would they?

Rituel de Fille Ash & Ember Eye Soot
In my review of this brand’s créme pigment, I more or less proclaimed my love and devotion. At risk of sounding like a cult member, I do love their style! The occult theme is everywhere from the packaging design, promotional material and product ingredients – and it’s done very successfully without veering into irrelevant hippie territory. This cream eyeshadow is sold in a little jar that totally looks like something a witch would have in her pantry.

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst
Don’t ask me what this product actually is – moonlight catalyst?! It sounds like something Sailor Moon would use. (It’s actually a night serum.) Kypris is another of those ‘natural’ beauty brands, featuring products with cute plant illustrations on blue glass bottles. The product names all sound like something you’d mix up in a cauldron while cackling ominously, which is just the kind of aesthetic I’m into.

Catbird Tarot Deck Solid Perfume
Catbird is a jewellery store in Brooklyn, NYC that also stocks gifts like candles and nail polishes. Their own line of fragrance products have a vaguely witchy vibe (as does one of the jewellery brands they stock, Sofia Zakia – I’m obsessed with it!) with names like ‘Ghost Rose’ and ‘Tarot Deck’.

Herbivore Phoenix Face Oil
Another natural and handmade beauty brand that’s exploded in popularity is Herbivore, specializing in colourful skincare products in chic glass vials. This face oil is vibrant both in colour and name. Along with face oils, Herbivore stocks masks with crushed gemstones and plant extracts, pink bath salts and crystal face massagers.

What do you think of this trend?