Well hey y’all! Happy friday! This iteration of HIGHLIGHTS is extra thick and juicy, hope you enjoy. Please share your favourite links from the last month with me! Any new releases you’re excited about? Try any good products lately? Talk to me.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m mad about the history of cosmetics – here are 9 historical beauty ad campaigns of note.

Bonnie Cashin was one of the most interesting fashion designers in the 20th century, and I covet her purse designs like mad. This NYT piece from last year calls her a “forgotten” designer, which I don’t necessarily agree with, but nonetheless it’s a fascinating introduction. Do yourself a favour and google her designs – they’re absolutely beautiful.

One of the most hyped brands right now (one I admit to enjoying…), Glossier is starting to sloooowly roll out international shipping – starting with Canada (already available) and the UK (October, from what I’ve heard – and there’s already a pop-up showroom in London)

Colourpop is coming to Sephora. I’ll be interested to see how they curate their products for the notoriously limited shelf space.

Japanese comedian & plus size fashion pioneer Naomi Watanabe shares her stage makeup routine below. I loooove her! She’s not only gorgeous and hilarious, she’s launched a really cute plus size fashion brand in Japan.

Vintage-inspired beauty brand Bésame is collaborating with Disney for a Snow White makeup collection – normally collabs make me cringe, but this is actually really well done. Storybook Cosmetics must be shaking in their boots right about now!

Safiya Nygaard’s video on lipstick history is just the kind of content I want to see more of. I basically died of envy when she showed her 1940s compact!

The Lipstick Effect is still going strong.

What parallels can be found between fashion and architecture?

Tush Magazine

According to WGSN, this is how we’ll do our makeup in 2019. Why not now?! Everything looks fabulous.

After much anticipation, Rihanna’s beauty brand finally has a launch date. I’m not sure what to expect of it to be honest!

This article says Dove needs to stop the corny PR stunts – I couldn’t agree more!

Why is hyperfemininity expected of fat women?

Vogue’s feature on absolute legend Chelsea Manning feels both righteous and tender. (I definitely teared up.) Did you know she smuggled those military secrets on a CD with “lady gaga” written on it? LEGEND.

I’ve tried not to give in to temptation, but Pat McGrath’s new lipsticks looks beautiful – I favour the dark, vampy shades. The candy wrappers, sequins, and Dalí-esque golden lips just get me, you know?

Speaking of Pat McGrath, here’s a profile on her from The Guardian. Isn’t she just divine? She’s a superstar for a reason.

Tracking the rise of “Clean Beauty” I, for one, could really go for some dirty beauty sometime. Let’s launch that concept.

Color Factory looks like such a beautiful, cheerful place! I wish I could go.

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