Several months ago, I posted about packaging design and went a little crazy over the Rodin lip balm ring. But after seeing Estée Lalonde review the lipsticks on her youtube channel, I was intrigued. I’d ooh-ed and aah-ed over the bright colours and unusual packaging, but hadn’t yet taken the plunge so to speak. Well, seeing the colours swatched and worn just made me really want to try them.

The Rodin lipsticks are unique in many ways – the packaging is completely see-through, made from clear lucite that is actually quite heavy. It’s also significantly larger than the average lipstick, clocking in at 4 grams rather than the usual 3 or 3.5. The colour range is meticulously edited down to the barest of minimums, with only five shades that are all bright and bold. We’re not in the realm of nudes or “my lips but better” here, folks. They have a jasmine scent which I quite like, which is also a little unusual. Simply put, it’s an unusual line that really stands out in comparison to other lipstick collections.

So, to the product itself. I selected the hot pink colour, “Winks”, because it’s a shade I was missing in my collection. It’s an intensely vibrant hot pink. In terms of formula, it’s a classic, creamy lipstick that feels emollient on the lips as you apply but I found it dried down as the day went on to a more matte finish. It’s certainly more satin than true matte, though. There’s nothing too unusual on the ingredient list – castor oil, lanolin, waxes and so on. Notably, there are a number of floral extracts and waxes added to the formula. What these do other than being fancy I do not know.

I found the formula to be comfortable and easy to apply with no drag or discomfort, though towards the end of the day I felt I needed some lip balm on top. Since the lip pencil wasn’t available I wore it on its own. It lasted well on me through meals and drinks without looking weird, there was fading but it wore off in an attractive way rather than looking messy. I also didn’t experience bleeding along lip lines at all. It’s as long-wearing as a lipstick can be without being too uncomfortable. In my opinion it’s a fun, long-wearing and chic lipstick that I think would please most!

Price: $38/34,50EUR
Size: 4g/0,14oz
Pros: Pigmented, comfortable, well-curated, super cool packaging, pleasant scent. Larger than the average lipstick.
Cons: Expensive, Not widely carried by retailers
Repurchase? Yes. The fact that there are only a handful of colours makes me think it’s reasonable to buy them all…