Since I was already (somewhat) on the topic of Glossier this week, I thought I might as well review some of the new products I bought from them. I placed my second Glossier order a while back, and have had some time to try everything out – I’ll also be reviewing Haloscope and Cloud Paint. I’ll be starting with one of the core products of the range, though – the Milky Jelly Cleanser.

Milky Jelly is fairly widely-loved, though I have seen some bad reviews here and there as well. It’s marketed as “The ultimate daily face wash” that is both gentle and thorough, and can be used wet or dry as either a “skin cleanse” or makeup remover.

It certainly lives up to its name, being a thick milky gel consistency – similar in texture to the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel but without the oily quality. It’s marketed as conditioning, and it does feel a little like hair conditioner – but not silicone-y or very slippery. It smells like old-fashioned lipstick, as it contains a lot of rose water. Rose isn’t for everyone, but it’s one of the gentler fragrant ingredients in my experience.

I use one pump massaged into damp skin, then rinse off before patting dry with a washcloth and find my skin feels clean, soft, and not dry at all. I do have oily skin so I was concerned this would be a little too gentle for me but it actually works very well – I’ve had no unusual breakouts or reactions to this cleanser. I also like that it doesn’t really leave much residue, which I find a lot of oil-based cleansers do.

Glossier suggests using a more generous amount of cleanser on a dry face to remove makeup, but I find it’s not nearly as effective as a balm, oil or micellar water. To me, it’s not worth wasting the product on something it doesn’t do that well, so I stick to a separate makeup remover step.

Price: $18/16.5EUR
Size: 177ml/6 fl.oz
Pros: Gentle, affordable, smells nice, looks cute
Cons: Doesn’t work that well to remove makeup, scent isn’t for everyone
Repurchase? Yes.