It’s me, the queen of mysterious disappearances. I’m back! I’m medicated! I’m full of enthusiasm! Here are the latest highlights!

As someone who gets very frustrated about the spread of straight up mythology as fact in the beauty world, this piece on the false history of beauty trickery was a boon.

Arabelle Sicardi questions the idea that K-Beauty is nothing but a passing fad.

How much are you really saving in the Sephora VIB sale?

The Handbag’s Tale explores the world of a much-coveted accessory charged with symbolism.

I’m becoming more and more interested in lingerie, and designer Marie Yat is one of my absolute favourites. I just love the understated elegance of her designs.

Scent is eternally fascinating, and these researchers are developing a new method to define and describe smells.

Glossier will launch UK shipping this year! Sweden next, please…

A brief history of Chanel’s iconic no.5 fragrance

MAC’s upcoming collab with designer duo Steve J. and Yoni P. looks fun! I love the bold packaging designs.

Cocoa Brown had a real foot-in-mouth moment claiming that bloggers were no longer trustworthy, but the responses weren’t exactly graceful either. Middle ground, anyone?

Now that the sun is out, be extra diligent about SPF! Stephen of kindofstephen shares 11 tips to get the most out of your sun protection.

Inspo: Serge Lutens