My little stumble at the Chanel counter that led me to be seduced into shopping by Kristen Stewart also yielded some of these ridiculously expensive eye pencils. I originally only wanted Noir Pétrole, but when I saw they still had the much-coveted Eros shade I had to get that too. Red eyeliners always get me, I literally cannot stop buying them. I’d never tried these pencils but they swatched beautifully and I remember seeing them score high on Temptalia’s reviews. I would trust Temptalia with anything, so there I went.

I gotta get better at this photography thing.

The colours I got were both limited edition, sadly. Neither are available anymore unless you happen to find a counter that hasn’t sold out of them yet. Eros is a metallic cool-toned red. Noir Pétrole is a black with an olive shift – it definitely has a reflective sheen as well. It’s subtle enough to be sophisticated without being boring.

Noir Pétrole and Eros swatched next to the Rouge Allure Ink I reviewed previously.

Both have the exact same texture and performance – really smooth application that dries down to be truly budge-proof. I tried rubbing, rinsing, and then rubbing again and they only looked slightly worn after that ordeal. Uh, obviously I did the rub test on my hand and not my actual eyeball.

Here’s the tip of Eros when it was brand new and untainted.

If I had to find anything to complain about with these (other than the fact that the price is ridiculous), it’s that I personally prefer a traditional pencil over a twist-up, just because you usually get more product and can get a sharper point. These do come with a sharpener built in, which is such a good feature, but I personally don’t use it. If I want a sharper edge i just use a q-tip on the eye. Oh, and these also smoke out really beautifully – they don’t set super quickly so you have plenty of time to blend. By the way, I had a big cry while wearing one of these and it totally stayed put. My mascara went everywhere it wasn’t supposed to, though.

Price: $33/26EUR
Size: 0.3g/0,01oz
Pros: Long-wearing, waterproof, easy to use, beautiful colours, smooth & intensely pigmented
Cons: The price is the only downside.
Repurchase? Yes! I especially like their LE shades.