Since my last post about youtube channels, I’ve realized I didn’t really cover all my favourites. There are so many other channels I love! And they deserve attention as well. So here are some more!

This channel is run by a skincare aficionado named Chris, and he does very thorough and frequent reviews of the things he’s using and trying. His approach is spiritual and serene without being fluffy.

This is a little different for me – a channel dedicated to natural and organic beauty. I’m not interested in these kinds of product in general, in fact I’m a huge skeptic – but I really like these reviews. Plus, her dry sense of humour is really funny.

Stephanie Nicole
I suspect most people follow her already, but I absolutely adora Stephanie Nicole’s channel. She’s the most thorough reviewer I’ve seen – her videos are long and info-dense, with spreadsheets and everything. Her takedown of J*ffree St*r is legendary.

I think this is the channel I’ve been following for th e longest time out of the ones I’ve featured. It’s run by a girl called Cora who does primarily beauty-related videos with both skincare and makeup, with reviews, tutorials and swatches. Once in a while there’s a plus-size fashion video as well!

Rian Phin
Not stritcly a beauty channel, Rian does a lot of personal,cute & casual videos featuring everything from thrifting guides to beauty reviews and funny anecdotes from their life. I really love their personality too, and they have many interesting critical perspectives on things like consumer ethics and feminism.

Ok, so now I think I’ve listed all my favourites. If you have a channel you like – maybe one that isn’t super well known already – please let me know!