When I first saw these palettes on social media, I knew I was going to buy this one. I’m extremely tired of nudes, and was on the hunt for bold, bright colours. This is part of the ‘Cover Shot’ collection which features 7 different eyeshadow palettes, most of which are pretty neutral.


The actual packaging is very simple, bare-bones. It doesn’t feel super sturdy but it makes up for it by being really small. It’s basically the size of an iPhone 5, a godsend for people like me who don’t like unnecessary bulk. Isn’t the point of a palette to have several colours in a portable format? I also like that the back has the names clearly labelled with a pan layout.

Inside are these bright matte rainbow shades – red, orange, yellow, blue and violet. The larger pans at the top are so-called “transformer” shades, sheer shadows with one being a pearlescent light pink and the other a blue-brown with teal shimmer.

From left is ‘Fling’,’Wait,What?’,’Bolt’,’Sellout’,’Poolside’ and ‘No shame’ with ‘Techno’ and ‘Stormy’ on top. I’d argue these are not only organized by shade, but by quality as the red is amazing and the purple is garbage.

Here’s a hand swatch (without primer) – as you can see the purple is really patchy while the warmer shades are smooth and evenly pigmented. Across the board, these are very powdery so they kick up a lot when you put a brush to them, and there’s a lot of fallout as well. They’re definitely workable, but take a little more time to get to cooperate. The shimmer shades are significantly smoother, as is the norm.


Here’s a look I did using all the matte shades to do a kind of rainbow look. I found the warm shades much easier to work with than the cool shades, and I think that comes across in how each eye looks as well. The green was all right, but the blue and purple really frustrated me. I found the cool shades also had much more fallout. I think this palette would be good for people looking to experiment with bold shadows without having to hunt down individual pans or shell out absurd amounts, but if you’re looking for something user-friendly I wouldn’t recommend it. For this look I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, and found the shadows wore without creasing for 8 hours.

I’m happy I bought it because I really like having these strong colours on hand (and I like that the pans are small!), but in the future I’ll probably put my trust in Sugarpill for bright mattes.

Price: $29/29.5EUR
Size: 6.2g/.21oz
Pros: Unique colours, very compact. Warm shades perform really well.
Cons: Inconsistent quality, price by weight isn’t that competitive.
Repurchase? Overall, I like this palette for its format and colour range more than its quality. If a comparable product with higher quality was accessible to me, I’d get that instead. So no, I wouldn’t repurchase.