It was hard to put this post off, because I feel like a lot of exciting things happened right after posting the last one. But I was patient.

MAC is now launching at US beauty midmarket store chain ULTA. It feels a little shocking? I wasn’t expecting that at all. Perhaps this is a wakeup call.

Teen Vogue is often a voice of reason, I like this article about being critical and responsible about your beauty purchases. Do you really “need it in your life”?

One of the strongest trends right now is “unicorn” everythingfood, accessories and beauty, which has been picked up on by brands like Tarte, Farsali and Too Faced. With rumours of a Lisa Frank makeup collection in the works, it looks like nostalgic girlhood is entering the mainstream.

This article on the misogyny of Vice media is from 2014, but I find it still resonates.

Drunk Elephant’s new investors include Leandra Medine of Man Repeller fame – but not Lauder. I really hope DE reaches european retailers soon, I’m dying to try it out.

Into The Gloss teaches us about at-home microneedling. Yay.


Clutch purse of my dreams from Olympia Le-Tan.

Lancôme is collaborating with Olympia Le-Tan! (again, last time was in 2013) Here’s my only chance of affording something with her design on it. I think the caviar design would be cute on a cushion compact…

I remember the smell of play-doh very clearly (and hate it) so the fact that there’s an application to trademark the scent is hilarious.

Stunning Senegalese model Khoudia Diop discusses racism, colourism and her modeling career with Glamour

Speaking of racism – the Urban Decay Basquiat collection doesn’t sit right with me at all. The fact that a white model is representing the collection is plain foolish, and the way Urban Decay uses drug references in their marketing and products is especially heinous considering Basquiat died of a heroin overdose. Tacky and bad, Urban Decay.

I enjoyed this piece on homophobia and male grooming from Teen Vogue. I’ve had enough of straight men and their homophobic nonsense – the other day there was an article in a major Swedish paper where a straight man complained that other men wearing perfume was “assaulting” his senses. Women wearing perfume was fine by him though – even titillating. I once had a relative go on a rant about a male celebrity wearing “too much eye makeup”. Straight men are demons. Just say you hate gay people and be done with it.

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