When you get too anxious to function, the best way to calm down is to distract yourself with a simple task that takes concentration, but not too much, and puts you in contact with your physical self. For me, that’s a beauty routine, like skincare or makeup. I’ve talked about it before and I’ll be talking about it again probably.

One particularly bad evening led me to try a colour combo that I love – red and lilac. Red and pink is the colour scheme of the hour, but I think red looks good with lilac as well (and turquoise! and chartreuse!) so here’s what I came up with.

I wanted to try an eyeliner from colourpop that I’ve had for ages but never had occasion to use, and it turned out to have dried out a lot. It just crumbled and fell off even after using a face mist to soften it with. Boo. I managed to get down a base layer at least.

I tried scraping off a layer of liner to see if the bottom of the product was still useable. Barely. Maybe it’s the formula, or the fact that this is over a year old. The colour is “Cry Baby”. Either way, I put a soft wash of Sugarpill Love+ eyeshadow and then put the Colourpop liner over it.

I used some MAC Blush in Full Of Joy on my cheeks and topped it with Hippo highlighter, also from Colourpop. Since the liner was impossible to work with I ended up using a L’Oreal colour correcting palette and it worked just fine, but probably won’t be longwearing. I haven’t tried using the concealers as actual concealers, but I’ll probably try them as creme shadows or even blushes. I like the texture but the colour range is silly.

Then I used a NYX Colour Mascara in Forget Me Not on both lashes and brows – this doesn’t really show in the photo but was VERY purple in real life. The foundation I’m wearing is Apoliva Foundation (reviewed here) and the lipstick is Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Experimente (which I’ll be reviewing shortly.) I think it turned out pretty nice despite product mishaps and it definitely made me feel better!