Youtube is undeniably the platform of choice for beauty blogging these days, and there are many beauty channels I love. There’s a tendency for hyperbole, illegal marketing techniques, drama and 700 identical neutral cut crease eye looks which can be really tiring, which is why it’s all the more lovely to see people breaking the mold.

Veronica Gorgeois
I don’t know what’s happened to her, she hasn’t updated her channel in years. I hope she’s in good health. Either way she was one of the first youtubers who introduced me to sensible skincare, all her videos are so well-researched and informative without being difficult to understand. I miss her a lot.

Meghal & Natasha
These twins make some of the chicest, most contemporary and well-shot makeup videos I’ve seen and I’m more or less in love with everything they make. Very editorial-style makeup that you don’t see a lot elsewhere.

Kimberly Clark
Speaking of hyperbole, this drag queen is a hero and voice of reason in a sea of “YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!” with videos about politics and activism mixed with makeup tutorials and everyone’s favourite – the Anti-Hauls.

Caroline Hirons
Everyone’s skincare role model more or less, Caroline Hirons is the benevolent queen of the skincare blogosphere. Not the most frequently updated channel but she’s a good one. I love her no-nonsense attitude and sense of humour.

Kaya Empire
Kaya has a channel with about equal parts makeup and skincare, and is very knowledgeable and clear in what she expects from a product. I like the romantic aesthetic of her makeup looks and share much of her skincare philosophy.

Estée Lalonde
Probably the only “big” youtuber I follow at this point, her channel is more lifestyle than beauty and she just comes off as a really sweet and genuine person. Plus she and her boyfriend both have amazing taste which I really appreciate.

Jackie Aina
Also a pretty “big” youtuber, Jackie Aina is not only a very skilled makeup artist, she has a hilarious sense of humour and is never afraid to criticize brands when they act foolish. Her “trends we’re leaving behind” videos are the funniest things I’ve seen, probably.

Princess Mei
Mei has a really cute aesthetic with a lot of soft colours, gentle music and sweet makeup looks. She’s also really funny and kind of foulmouthed which I love.