I went to see the Gerda Wegener exhibit at Millesgården in Stockholm with my friend Oli and it was so lovely, I just wanted to crawl into the frame of the paintings and live there! Gerda has come to some attention recently because of her wife and muse Lili Elbe – one of the first trans women to go through medical gender-affirming treatment. She modeled for many of Gerda’s paintings, embodying the “new woman” of the 1920s.

A fascinating piece on the history of beauty marks.

Swedish hypoallergenic makeup brand IDUN is expanding their shade range!

Shiseido is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Rainbow Face Powders they launched in 1917 by re-releasing them as a set in packaging that looks just like the original. As a beauty history fan this is very exciting – but also very expensive at $ 200.

Glossier made their previously limited-edition Moonstone highlighter stick permanent! I think cooler-toned highlighters shades are having a real moment. UPDATE: They’re launching cream blushes in four different colours this spring. I want them.

I’ve written about beauty as self-care before, and I really appreciate this Teen Vogue article on the topic.

Fan-favourite Byredo candle “Bibliotheque” is now a limited-edition edp. It’s supposed to evoke the smell of old books, which is kind of universally loved. Now if they’d only turn “Apocalyptic” into a perfume, so I can walk around smelling like the natural disaster I am.


My favourite beauty youtuber Kimberly Clark posted another of her more or less legendary anti-hauls, and you guys I love these so much. SO. MUCH.

As a sci-fi buff who more or less wants to be cybernetically enhanced as soon as science allows, 3D-printed skin sounds pretty damn cool. 

Wanna read a really stilted, marketing-oriented article explaining millenials, beauty influencers and how to market to us mysterious, unpredictable young women? Probably not, but here it is. Trigger warning: Jeffree Star is involved.

INSPO: Spring Pastels (Please god let winter end…)

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