[DISCLAIMER: All products in this review were received as press samples]

At Daisy Beauty Expo, Swedish Pharmacy Apoteket presented their new colour cosmetic line. I really liked their presentation, so I was excited to try out the products. Since I’m trying several products at the same time I’ll do an overview format rather than individual reviews, so we don’t end up with so many separate, lengthy review posts. All products in this post were received as press samples.

Apoliva offers a hypoallergenic, preservative-free (mascaras excepted) makeup line sold at pharmacy locations. The line includes a total of 50 products in 12 formulations/formats and is recommended for all skin types. The packaging is sleek, simple and feels high-quality.

Products tested: Foundation in 02 Beige, Powder in 02 Beige, Rouge in 03 Mellanrosa (Medium Pink).

I applied the foundation with a damp beautyblender on cleansed and moisturized skin, and found the shade a good match for me – The coverage I found was extremely light, more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. It set to a natural-looking satin finish without the need for powder. I did want to try the powder however, so I applied a very light dusting in my T-zone with a fluffy brush and immediately regretted it. I don’t have dry skin, but somehow this powder made me look flaky. Not my favourite.

The rouge is wonderful – very pigmented and I like the no-nonsense name of the colours across the range. I used a small blush brush for this and found it blendable and luminous – if you choose one product from this range, make it a blush!

Products tested: Mascara Volym (Volume), Eyeshadow Palette 02 Kall (Cool), Eye Pen Grå (Grey)

For eyes, I started with Too Faced shadow insurance (as I am extremely crease-prone) and followed by laying down the second lightest shade as a base. These shadows are your typical “nude” colours, all matte essentials in five shades of brown. They are powdery but blendable and easy to work with. I followed with the middle shade in my crease, and added the darkest shade at the outer V for dimension. The lightest shade, a cream colour, worked well as a low-key highlight for the inner corner. I’ll say the result was successful – a simple but flattering everyday eye look that anyone can do – but it’s not exactly intense in terms of pigmentation or colour range.

Following eyeshadow, I applied the eye pencil as liner and winged it out slightly. The eye pencil is another of my favourites among the bunch, the grey colour isn’t too harsh and it’s easy to correct mistakes or smoke out. It works wonderfully on the waterline as well.

Then, I applied a coat of volume mascara, which didn’t really deliver volume but a very pared-down, natural look to the lashes. I like the brush, which is about the size of a toilet brush, but other than that it fell a little flat for me. Perhaps I’ll like it better after it’s dried out a little?

In conclusion, the Apoliva makeup line is more suited to a beginner or someone who doesn’t have a huge interest in makeup – it’s a natural-looking no-makeup-makeup with neutrals and essentials. It’s easy to work with, and forgiving if you make a mistake.

I enjoy the foundation very much since it’s so light – but it’s also my least favourite thing about the line. The foundation is available in 8 shades, which is a lot for a new launch – but they’re all beige. Every single one. They explained that they’re developing a separate line for dark skin, which I guess is better than nothing, but how are we supposed to interpret that? Girls with dark skin are promised a future spinoff, but won’t be included in the main line? Apoteket, you can do better than this. You should do better than this.

Price range: Lower/mid – with a price range of 99-169 SEK (11-19 USD / 10-18 EUR)
Pros: Upgraded packaging, ease of use, quality is mostly good.
Cons: Shade range, some duds in the lineup, nothing revolutionary
Referral program? No.
Reorder? Not for me – I like brighter colours!