Luna is one of those products that’s been hyped to hell and back on social media. It’s got a cute name, pretty bottle, it looks like a magical potion and supposedly is a miracle worker for your skin. Oh, Luna. Our relationship has been full of ups and downs… passion and despair. They’ll make a movie about us someday.

I was a skeptic. I know the formula contains some ingredients I’m not crazy about, notably rosemary oil which has a very strong scent that can be irritating. Regardless, I got a 15ml bottle of Luna out of morbid curiosity and started using it last spring. The bottle is tinted to protect the active ingredients from light damage but I keep mine in a black velvet pouch just to be safe.

My first impression of her wasn’t great. I was already using a retinol product so maybe this didn’t do as much as it would for “virgin” skin, but I really saw no results whatsoever despite claims of overnight improvement. After a few weeks of testing, I got a weird breakout of closed comedones all over my cheeks so I cut down my routine to the bare bones to calm my skin down. It’s not until now that I decided to give Luna another chance.

I started to reintroduce the Luna oil as my last skincare step around Christmas, adding 3-4 drops to my face each night. I didn’t see immediate results, because immediate results are near impossible to achieve. But I have to say, after a few weeks of use, my skin looks radiant, even and smooth. Now, I reintroduced a vitamin c booster around the same time so I may be seeing that effect as well, but I have to say that I’m a believer now. Luna works for me, despite how much I’ve trash-talked her (yes she is a her. a beautiful lady.).

It’s a mild retinoid, so suitable for those of us who don’t need or want the strongest stuff, but it may agitate sensitive skin since it contains a lot of essential oils. Despite this, CosDNA gives the ingredients a pretty mild rating. I recommend starting with a sample or mini size (this is a good rule of thumb in general). A lot of people dislike the smell, I find it pleasant enough (it’s very herbal) but I’d prefer if it didn’t have the fragrant oils in the formula.

I’m actually a little mad about liking this. I wish I didn’t, because I’d love to think I’m that edgy girl who doesn’t fall for the hype, but I am not.

Price: $105/98EUR
Size: 30ml/1oz
Pros: Light texture, Looks beautiful, promotes radiance and smoothness
Cons: Extremely expensive. Contains potentially irritating essential oils.
Repurchase? I’d love to, but it’s not in the cards for me and my student budget. Maybe once this runs out that will have changed.