I jokingly remarked a few posts back that I’m good at passing judgement. And what better time to do just that, than the end of the year, when we look back and ask ourselves what the hell we were doing in 2016. My least favourite trends, and trends I want to see stay… or begin. Take this, as you should take everything, with a grain of salt.

I want to press the kill switch on:Matte liquid lipstick

This trend has seemed to be eternal. I bought into it. I got those ultra-matte liquid lipsticks in the same shades of nude everyone else wore. I used them maybe five times in total, and moved on. Why? They’re drying as hell, they don’t fade gracefully and the colour range is generally sob-worthy with those taupe, mauve and rose shades we’re all so sick of. End it now.

Social media celeb collabs

How many unimaginative neutral face-and-eye palettes with a big name slapped on the box does the market need? Zero.


I love highlighter, I really do. But I don’t love the absolute over-saturation of the market of highlighter products. It seems every brand has the same four shades with the same names (if I see another highlighter named anything ending in -stone or -light i will die!) and every tutorial I see advises heinous over-application – let’s end it.


Unsurprisingly, I’m also very much over nudes. Firstly, the term “nude” generally means “tired range of shades that only suit white people”. Furthermore, it’s a dreadful bore. Let’s bring on the colour.

don’t be this lady. image via kale university (which is indeed a real thing)

“Natural” beauty

When I say natural, I’m referring to products and brands that claim their products are superior because of their “natural” ingredients. It’s all cowardly fearmongering and obviously a cash grab hopping on the organic trend bandwagon. Never mind the fact that natural ingredients are often more volatile, allergy-inducing and downright toxic than their synthetic counterparts. And don’t get me started on the coconut oil cult. I’ll take chemicals any day, thank you.