Let me preface this by saying this is the first time I’ve tried a Dior product. From what I’ve heard, Dior shares the issue of many “designer” label luxury cosmetics brands of inconsistent quality in terms of texture and pigmentation. However, lately I’d seen more promising reviews of their products. So in short, I had high hopes. Oh, how those hopes were cruelly crushed.


When Dior announced their limited-edition capsule collection of matte pastel lipsticks in unusual colours, I was so excited to see one of the upper-crust brands make such a bold colour choice. I do think this is a sign that there’s increasing demand for more avant-garde cosmetics among consumers – Dior isn’t the only luxury brand to push the envelope this year (Chanel’s all-red fall collection is a notable example.)

That said, this is by far the worst lipstick I have ever tried. Imagine my disappointment, after signing up for a waiting list and paying a hideous amount of money (no testers were available at the counter since these were so limited) only to find that this pales in comparison to – well, the cheapest drugstore lipsticks.


The colour is beautiful, yes – but the payoff is patchy, uneven, it bunches up weirdly and makes your lips look like they’re peeling.

The texture is very silicone-y, unlike any lipstick I’ve tried, and I think this is part of the issue. Generally, lipsticks are wax-and-oil based, but this almost feels like those silicone primers on the lips. Not emollient or, in my opinion, hydrating. The claim of 16-hour wear is just ridiculous, as the product slides around like, well… lube. Something about this formula doesn’t add up. Christine of Temptalia also gave these bad reviews, so it’s not just me!

I only wish I’d known these sucked beforehand.

When swatched on my hand, it looks all right – sheer, but not uneven or clumpy. On the lips, it’s literally too nasty to show!


I’ve really tried to make this work, and it just looks disgusting no matter how hydrated, exfoliated and primed my lips are. I’m gonna try to find an alternate use, since I can’t return it and don’t feel like throwing away something that I paid so much money for. Perhaps it could do as a blush, or eyeshadow. Maybe I can make it work as a mixer with other lipsticks, or use it to colour correct my zits.

These lipsticks retail for $35, and I strongly advise you to save your coins.

Price: $35/38EUR
Size: 3.5g
Pros: NONE. I’d say the colour but honestly, you can get a green lipstick fairly easily.
Cons: Horrible colour payoff, horrible unflattering formula, unpleasant texture, overpriced.
Repurchase? I wish I could go back in time to stop myself from buying this.