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Highlights #25

In the March 2019 issue of Highlights, I sifted through the internet's best beauty coverage to share Dover Street Market's new beauty venture, a sunscreen reapplication tip, Edwardian-era updos and Cult Beauty's controversial intimate care product category - among other things.

Highlights #18

I’m enjoying summer, though I’m a little bummed that it’s been muggy the past few days. I’m worried about my tomato plants – it’s been so windy they’re clinging on for dear life! Aside from my plant worries, I’m in such a pinterest phase, I can’t ...

Highlights #11

Listen, I know this is a clich√© but… where the hell did this year go?! It’s November already?!?! (cue nervous breakdown about lost time) This month has been so eventful, lots of studying, job interviews, bad financial decisions…phew! Anyway, here are this month’s highlights. ...