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Highlights #25

In the March 2019 issue of Highlights, I sifted through the internet's best beauty coverage to share Dover Street Market's new beauty venture, a sunscreen reapplication tip, Edwardian-era updos and Cult Beauty's controversial intimate care product category - among other things.

Highlights #13

Right after I posted the last issue of highlights, a bunch of interesting articles popped up, as if on command. It took some restraint to wait this long, but here she is – the January Highlights of 2018! There’s something deeply charming about these photos from a Japanese beauty school ...

Review: Fairy Drops Cat Eyeliner

I love a good liquid liner. Japanese ones are usually good, even the cheap ones perform…and I really like the brush tip applicators. Felt tips are more common for marker-style liners in the west, but I find they dry out quicker and get misshapen or start shedding. So yeah. I leaped without ...