November has hit me like a cartoon anvil. When did it get so cold? And dark? And why have I been crying on a daily basis? Is this seasonal affective disorder, or am I relapsing? Why have I already forgotten what ripe stone fruits taste like? So many questions, none of them answered in this blog post, but here are the highlights of the past month.

Why and how logos are having such a moment in fashion.

How many children must die in mica mines before the industry commits to ethical sourcing?

Literal angel Chris of @tophcam, featured on Into The Gloss, as it should be. Heart eyes.

What goes on at those esoteric Goop “retreats”? A lot of egocentrism.

The Cut’s new podcast is consistently excellent – concise and striking. Bravo.

Chrom tooth polish lets you paint your teeth. Because why not.

You can now buy tooth polish. It’s like nail polish. For teeth. Okay.

Remember the profile I linked to about a man who preserves ancient colours and paints? Here’s a woman who preserves ancient fragrances. 

The tricky, sticky, sordid world of instagram plastic surgery giveaways.

Can I get one of these bejewelled hair slides with a Jenny Holzer quote? Or an excerpt of Das Kapital? If not, I’m not interested.

Swedish avant-garde abstract painter Hilma Af Klint is on show at the Guggenheim, so if you’re in NYC I think you ought to go. They’re doing merch, which I’m not sure I love the idea of, but it is tempting.

Origins’ new cheek and lip tint, tragically limited edition.

Origins dropped this cream blush (my weakness) in the shape of a rose. (also a weakness.)

Robyn’s back! Her new album is gorgeous, it’s very sexy and house-y.

Last month was breast cancer awareness month, and it’s become a sort of marketing festival more than anything else.

This 99 Per Cent Invisible podcast episode on trend forecasing and WGSN in particular is fascinating, and kind of scary!

In South Korea, feminists have had enough of the strict beauty standards imposed upon them. They’re sacrificing a lot of social capital by abandoning the expected performance of femininity – and that gives me hope. I wonder if women in the west would have the guts.

“Pieta” by Genesis Belanger, 2017

This prop stylist-turned-sculptor creates some seriously great pieces playing with femininity and the language of advertising.

Beep Boop, Bitches: AI-generated fragrance is on the way.

Andrea Long Chu wrote this scathing review of Jill Soloway’s memoir, and it’s hilariously perfect. I threw my head back and witch-cackled at several points as I read it.

Here’s another interesting development: face cream made with synthetic vernix caseosa. It’s the stuff that covers fetuses to protect them from water. Super weird and kind of cool in a cyborg-y way.

Jia Tolentino on rape, myth, and survival.

Wu-Tang lipsticks in collaboration with Milk Makeup.

I was complaining about celebrity beauty products a moment ago, but the Wu-Tang lipsticks are actually pretty cool. Damn it.

I wasn’t really on board with Glow Recipe until this avocado mask appeared… it’s a hydrating mask with acids! Thats what I need!

We should never let go of glitter. If we do, we’ve lost our way.

Advertisers have co-opted feminist language – but is it helping? (nah.)

Inspo: Annie Lennox applying makeup in the music video “Why”