Hello, October!! I’ve had TWO colds already! It’s raining! It’s dark! So I’m here to lighten up the mood with the beauty news and highlights (get it? ok, I know, I should be shot) interesting articles, images and videos you need. This month’s post is a little more fashion-oriented, because frankly what’s been going on in beauty this past month has been kind of meh, so bear with. All the releases this time of year are holiday-oriented, and I’m a grinch who hates anything festive.

You can’t deny that the Gucci Beauty instagram account is lovely. The art history speaks to me.

Vanessa Friedman’s review of the “new” Céline hits the bull’s eye.

I love a colourful eye look, and this is just beautiful. Anybody else love the ITG editorials’ layout?

Sephora was gonna sell a “witch kit” for about five minutes before the internet found out about it and retaliated. Happy Halloween.

On weight Loss Teas and shady marketing practices.

The best looks from NYFW.

A somewhat condescending planner from bando, c/o their webshop. I love bando, I’m sorry, forgive me for using you as an example of something annoying!

Thank god, it’s not just me – Those “empowering” quotes printed on stationery are horribly condescending.

I’ve linked to this piece before, I think – Autumn Whitefield Madrano’s examination of beauty criticism. I reread it just now, and it makes me kind of wistful in its hopefulness.

It’s surreal, but true – Michael Kors is acquiring Versace.

An oldie, but a goodie: A roundup of women murdering men in the history of western art.


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Ett inlägg delat av Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal)

Pat McGrath’s green Swarovski crystal eye looks for this fashion week’s Valentino show (which, by the way, was beautiful) make me want to lie on the floor! It’s too fabulous. Bring back the bling – I’m gluing crystals to my phone asap.

Much-admired woman of letters Hanya Yanagihara, interviewed by R29’s Christene Barberich. Heart. Eyes.

The accumulation of scandal in the youtube beauty community, having been dubbed Dramageddon, can tell us a lot about social media and influencerdom. I’m a little tired, actually – can we just be adults?

The skin-perfecting front camera on the new iPhone is downright dystopian. I hate these filters! They’re so uncanny and weird.

Above, learn how scent is used to market products and services.

Goodbye, Deciem… I guess?

A made-in-italy tag on a luxury garment often feels like it guarantees ethical labour conditions, but not so.

This liner look from Dior’s latest show is beyond gorgeous.

Black models are walking more runways – but backstage, stylists and artists fail them.

The phenomenon of rich people buying young people’s blood is sinister to say the least.

This beautiful Agateware teapot from the 18th century shows beautiful marbling. Art c/o Victoria and Albert Museum

I love marbled patterns, like water-marbled stationery, and so does T magazine. And don’t get me started on ceramic agateware, or nerikomi as it’s Japanese counterpart is called. Squee.

The uptick in genital skincare has raised more than a few eyebrows – mine, and gynaecologists’. I tried one of those intimate care oils (for science) and I can sum it up in two words: Burning. Sensation.

This luxury shoe brand is expanding sizes greatly – if only for a moment. Perhaps we’ll see more brands follow suit. Either way, how gorgeous is that model?

How can we fix fashion? 36 industry insiders answer.

Glossier’s stickers have a digital counterpart. Image c/o glossier.

Every cool, young brand out there is making stickers. For adults. Who, for some reason, love stickers. I am one of them.

The Outline, a fairly respected web publication, is failing freelance writers.

So often I find myself defining my womanhood via a brand concept, like my recently deceased wish to become a Céline Woman. This piece on lipstick and identity hit close to home.

Two books on women’s anger, reviewed. I bought one.

Header image: Woman Applying Powder by Hashiguchi Goyo, 1918, Scholten Japanese Art

3 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS #21

  1. DJ

    That article about buying lipstick for ideas of women you want to be… maybe actually wear the lipstick and that’ll be the first step towards being that woman you wish you were? Like, I don’t mean to make this a thing of “buy products to become your ideal self” but if you’ve already bought the lipstick because you thought it would signal to others that you were a way that you’d like to be, then maybe it’s less that you’re Just. Not. that person than that you’re not willing to break out of your comfort zone to become her, you know?

    Also, lipstick is temporary, just like most states of being. I consider myself someone who does find femininity easy and painting my face a joy. But even so, I’m not the girl with the full-on Dita Von Teese drag every day. Most days, in fact, I don’t get my makeup on until fifteen minutes before I leave for work and up until that point, I sat in front of my computer in my sleepshirt and underwear, making videogames like a fuckin’ gremlin. That beauty editor with the Train Bleu pencil probably isn’t a gothy girl who both participates in and yet is above fashion at all times either. She probably writes her reviews in her unsexy underwear like a fuckin’ gremlin too.

    You know what though? I’m only one nice robe away from being some sort of glamorous bombshell who happens to make videogames too instead of a gremlin. Only thing stopping me is I ain’t found the right one yet. But “changing” who you are really is as simple as putting on a robe instead of a t-shirt or wearing a different color lipstick a lot of the time. Like, a lot of who you are really is how you look at a given time. Like that study they did where people felt smarter if you gave them a lab coat to wear.

    Sometimes, the right shade helps you get into the persona you want to project. Like, I wear Train Bleu a lot because it’s intimidating and severe and I want people to think twice before questioning me. I wear red to work because I deal with a lot of entitled old people (bowling alley league administrator) and the Marilyn Monroe look not only disarms a lot of them by invoking their fond memories of the past, but also puts me in a mood of breezy 50’s movie “this is just a setback, not the end of the world” and that helps some of them get over thinking they need to lose their goddamn mind if their scores aren’t right at this exact moment. I have a lot of others colors (blacks, blacks, greens, teals – lot’s of teals!, silvers and grays) and I use them to invoke different ideas about who I am and what I’m about on a given day.

    Basically, instead of looking at one’s box of lipsticks and thinking about all the imaginary women you aren’t that they represent, start using those lipsticks to – at least for a little while – be those women. The only thing holding you back is your comfort zone.


  2. Rebz

    Det här med allt amerikanskt influencerdrama fyller mig med så mycket skratt. Man måste verkligen vara en gränslöst usel människa om man inte kan hålla sig i skinnet såpass mkt att man iaf LÅTSAS vara snäll och trevlig när hela ens karriär är uppbyggd på att så många som möjligt ska tycka om en! Om vanlig servicepersonal kan klara av att vara trevliga trots all skit de får utstå så är det verkligen inte mycket begärt att folk som får betalt för att sminka sig ska klara av att visa lite basic human decency utan att förvänta sig en medalj.


    1. Saffron

      Ja alltså jag förstår ingenting! Hur svårt är det. Eh. Inte för att jag är världens snällis men u kno!!!


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