Cream blush remains my favourite beauty product by far. I can’t get enough of them. Were I a dragon, my hoard would no doubt consist of compacts, sticks and pots of blush. Since I’ve tried a lot of different brands and formulas, I thought I’d share my favourites with you, as well as the ways in which I use them.

First off, cream blushes come in a variety of formulas – there are the traditional oil-and-wax base blushes that you get in a pot or a compact, more silicone-y stick formats, liquid blushes sold in tubes and pumps and ultra-dewy cushions. And you know what, you can use a lipstick for blush as well. It’s the oldest trick in the book!

The most obvious use of a cream blush is to pat it on your cheeks over your makeup with your fingers. This is my everyday method – I can’t be bothered with brushes and sponges when hands work just fine. However, you can also mix your blush with your foundation for a more seamless application – or apply a layer of blush underneath your base for that lit-from-within look.

Furthermore, many cream blushes also function as lipsticks. Many are designed as such, in fact. Using a brush for a more precise look can mimic a lipstick exactly, while patting on colour with a fingertip gives a softer, freshly-kissed effect.

I also like to add a wash of sheer blush over my eyes instead of eyeshadow – depending on the formula, it may crease (my own eyes are pretty deep-set so creasing is unavoidable) but the cloud paints seem to set down without gathering in creases at all. More emollient formulas are bound to crease. Embrace the creasing, it’s a look, it makes you look alive and vibrant.

In terms of actual product, here’s what I’ve tried and liked so far;

H&M Do-It-All Stick
A new product that replaces the old (and good) H&M cream blushes that were sold in hexagonal compacts, this chubby blush stick has good pigment, blends easy and won’t cost you a million bucks. I love the shade “Pumpkin Spice”, a perfect rusty orange that I rarely see.

Zuii Organic Lip & Cheek Creme
In a pot that looks like a faceted gemstone, this beautiful little blush is a super classic cream formula that smells like a rose garden. Lovely.

& Other Stories Lip & Cheek Creme
One of my faves, this is a compact housed in chic clear acrylic and features vibrant colours and a waxier formula.

The Beauty Archive Lip & Cheek Tint
Small-batch, vegan and organic multi products from a Swedish startup, these blushes are pretty sheer but have such a lustrous effect on the skin. The formula is more balmy and needs to be warmed between fingers.

Tata Harper Volumizing Cheek Tint
Organic luxury if I ever saw it, Tata Harper’s blush formula is as classic as they come. Smells like lipstick.

Rituel de Fille Creme Pigment
See the natural trend? Rituel de Fille are experts at cream textures, dense textures with heavy pigment and a herbal scent. They have a black blush. Black! How fabulous.

Glossier Cloud Paint
These blushes have the texture of acrylic paint and blend ever so easily and work extra well on eyes. Plus they look like art supplies. Yes please.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush
The most luxurious product on this list by far, the Kjaer Weis blushes have a super soft formula and the chicest packaging on planet earth.

Oh, by the way – don’t ask long wear of bulletproof finish of a cream blush. That’s not her game. It’s ephemeral, that’s what makes it chic. Now tell me what cream blush I should try next.