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This is somewhat related to a post I wrote last fall, about the neo-occult or new age kind of vibes present in beauty and wellness right now – but this time, it’s more focused on astrology. It has escaped no-one that astrology is a huge trend – all of a sudden, terms like “ascendant” and “retrograde” have found their way into our everyday lives. It’s Leo season, and multiple planets are apparently in retrograde (which is supposed to cause all sorts of metaphysical chaos) so what better time to share astrology-inspired beauty. There’s a lot of it right now.

Colourpop x Kathleenlights Zodiac Collection, via Colourpop on twitter

Colourpop x Kathleenlights Zodiac Collection
Let me preface this with an acknowledgement that the influencer in question here is suspect at best. That said, this collection is much-hyped and fits the astrological theme to a T. The Colourpop Zodiac Collection features some seriously cute packaging that echoes the night sky with different constellations. It is very pretty. (header image features this collection captured by @trendmood1 on instagram)

Bite Beauty Astrology Lipstick in “Leo”, via bitebeauty.com

Bite Beauty Astrology Lipsticks
Bite is one of those brands that I’m downright furious isn’t available in Europe. They’re all about lipsticks (just like me) and have a seriously huge range of colours ranging from nudes to dark green. Needless to say, I want these lipsticks. At the start of the year, they began releasing monthly zodiac lipsticks, one colour for each sign – a bright orange red for Aries, a split-colour tube for Gemini – and the Leo one turns out to be metallic gold. How appropriate, and how on trend!

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette via bhcosmetics.com

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette
BH Cosmetics first dropped their ultra-hyped Zodiac palette in 2017, and they’ve recently hinted on instagram that a mini version will be available soon. The design of the original looks quite alchemical, with a wheel of shadows that matches the months of the year and the associated signs – one matte and one shimmery for each sign, with a big highlighter in the middle to reference the sun.

Fresh Zodiac Oval Soap Collection, via fresh.com

Fresh Zodiac Soaps
An early adopter in this category, Fresh first launched their Zodiac hand soaps in 2015, and they became so popular that they’ve done several runs. These soaps are actually in collaboration with astrologer Susan Miller, and feature different scents for different signs. Very giftable – which is why these products tend to resurface around the holidays.

Wet n Wild Zodiac Collection, via Wet n Wild on Instagram

Wet n Wild Zodiac Collection
Drugstore beauty is more or less ruled supreme by ultra-affordable Wet n Wild, and for the past year or so many of the limited releases from the brand have had a fantasy-inspired flair, featuring mermaids or fairies or even a game of thrones theme. Now, it’s a zodiac theme, with products inspired by astrology and the associated four elements.

Aside from these products, you’ll find beauty advice on every online platform catered to your zodiac sign or adapted to whatever position the planets are in. While I think the new age trend mirrors the wider phenomenon of pseudoscience and anti-intellectualism (more on this soon!), it is mostly cute and harmless fun, and lord knows we need that right now.

PS. The title of this post is a direct reference to my favourite video game, Final Fantasy XII, which draws heavily on astrological symbolism in a way that I find very compelling. Just… thought you should know. I have many interests.

6 thoughts on “Tendency ; Zodiac Age

  1. melissa

    makeup revolution (part of tambeauty) also have cool zodiac ranges of lipglosses n small eyeshadow palettes. im such a sucker for anything semi personalised and i feel like zodiac products are exactly that


    1. Saffron

      I agree! It’s definitely a personalization thing, which I also think is a fun trend (like how monogrammed beauty products and makeup bags are a thing). I also think it’s part of this tendency to label oneself and then wear that label publicly, like how a lot of social media bios have this format of listing all your identities ie “feminist. leo. yogi. marxist. coffee addict.”


  2. Josefin

    Hm, I actually haven’t played ff xii, you mean it’s better than vii and ix?!
    Also, I love this post on astrology themed makeup. I want space inspired makeup: galaxies, nebulas…!!


    1. Saffron

      Well, I don’t know if it’s BETTER but it is my favourite for many reasons. I find the characters and the worldbuilding more appealing (it’s set in the same universe as Tactics and Vagrant Story) plus the battle system is really fun – I love turn-taking RPGs but this is kind of a hybrid between that and real-time action. It’s very different from earlier FF titles and was tragically unappreciated when it was first released. It was also Yasumi Matsuno’s last title at Square and he’s like, a genius imo.


  3. Josefin

    …and when on the subject, what about space age inspired makeup packaging?! That would be a dream.


    1. Saffron

      That is ABSOLUTELY the dream. I think Marc Jacobs kind of does this, it’s not like overtly space age but the blobby, glossy plastic looks like something Barbarella would use.


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