Tendency ; Branching Out

So here’s a trend that’s kind of getting on my nerves. Usually, I like to write about things that I find interesting or beautiful, and this development sure is interesting but god, it’s bothering me. Branching out. As in, beauty brands who specialize in one thing expanding to new products… sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it’s eye roll-inducing.

BeautyBlender Foundation

Let’s just start with the most recent and possibly most heinous new direction for a brand. It’s beautyblender. They’re doing a foundation range. It’s called bounce. It’s a matte foundation that comes in 32 shades of beige. I’m so tired of foundation launches, you guys. It’s the least interesting and least necessary makeup product, let’s just let it go.

GlamGlow Highlighter

Glamglow has been making products that are less like skincare and more like snapchat filters lately, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that they’re doing makeup now. It’s a highlighting palette, because we need another one of those apparently, and from a beauty brand that is known for clay masks at that. It’s got hyaluronic acid in, as if that matters. I’m so tired.

Crayola Beauty

So this is a little different – a company that ordinarily makes art supplies for kids is doing a makeup range. And ok, I like the idea of a multipurpose face crayon, but the products have been poorly received. So to me, it’s clear that some executive thought since beauty brands are booming, it would be easy money to branch out without actually putting work into the formulas. I mean, the promotional materials are super cute, but the actual product quality wasn’t up to snuff.

Awake Beauty

Awake is Tarte’s new expansion featuring skincare products inspired by Japan. Can we not use other countries as “inspiration”? Overall I think Tarte is kind of struggling after the foundation fiasco of last year. So an expansion that doesn’t overtly carry the Tarte name might be smart. It doesn’t look awful. It looks perfectly all right. But we don’t need more skincare lines.

Paris Hilton Skincare

[banshee shrieking]

Please. Save us.

8 thoughts on “Tendency ; Branching Out

  1. Eline

    Honestly? Why did I click this link? Im going to burst out of my skin… Just… Y


    Though I do like the Crayola BC their makeup ad was real cute but ehh 😑


    1. Saffron

      Good. Share in my agony! (and yes, I really liked the looks they used to promote the Crayola products… which is why the products being low quality is especially offensive!!! How could they!!! But I heard they will reformulate the entire line bc of the poor reception.(


  2. Linnea

    Haha, Paris Hilton är pro DNA! Jag är anti DNA.


    1. Saffron

      Asså don’t get me wrong, älskar ju Paris pga en sann 2000tals-ikon men… this maketh no sense.


  3. Tova - Vegobeauty

    Reste ögonbrynen väldigt oimponerat över Glamglows highlighterpalett. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    1. Saffron

      Det är som at de VILL framstå som oseriösa! Förstår inte!!!


  4. Wicked Witch of the Västkust

    BANSHEE?!? Din blogg ger mig liiiiiiiiiiiiiv honey!!!


    1. Saffron

      Tyckte det lät så dramatiskt!


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