I’ve argued the superiority of cream blush before, so imagine my delight when I (in the company of the dazzling Linda) came upon a domestic indie brand devoted to just that – cream products. It’s called The Beauty Archive, I encountered them in the stairwell on a very hot day at a very crowded beauty fair, and I was immediately drawn to these little pots of colour. With a minimalist aesthetic and edited-down colour range, the brand offers organic and vegan cream multi-use products for lips and cheeks.

The Beauty Archive Lip Tint in LBD and Red, I Do, Bridesmaid’s Blush

The products are small-batch, hand-poured and independently produced here in Sweden, and offer an alternative to other “natural” brands surrounded by social media controversy that shall remain unnamed. The fact that these products are vegan makes them unusual – cream products almost always contain beeswax or lanolin. These ingredients are not a problem for me, but it pleases me to see vegan options more widely available.

From bottom: The Beauty Archive Lip Tints and Highlighter in LBD and Red, Bridesmaid’s Blush, I Do, Embrace

I received samples of the colours I Do, LBD and Red, Bridesmaid’s Blush and Embrace to take home and try. Of the colours, my favourite is I Do – it’s become my go-to blush shade for everyday wear. Since the pot is small and I have long nails I scrape out a generous amount with a spatula and warm it up on the back of my hand before applying liberally to my cheeks – the colour blends in very easily and has the effect of a natural, romantic flush.

I apply to the apples of the cheeks and the nose bridge this time of year, and blend out towards the temples. The product softens and melts easily with body heat, so it’s easy to apply with fingers – with a brush it may require warming up a little as the texture is more like a firm balm in the container.

The Beauty Archive Lip Tint in I Do

On my oily skin, blush wears off quickly (it’s always the first to go regardless of formula) but I don’t find I need to reapply – but note that I actually don’t wear foundation which affects wear time. This product wears like any other blush on me, and the finish has a luminous effect that I love. On the lips, it gives a similarly flushed look that looks more like a stain or tint than a regular lipstick. I also find that the colours are easy to blend with each other as well as with other products – LBD and Red mixes especially well with I Do.

THE RUNDOWN – The Beauty Archive Lip Tint
Price: $28/24EUR
Size: 5.8 g/.20 oz
Pros: Beautiful on the skin, easy to use, truly indie & “green”
Cons: Expensive, not widely accessible
Repurchase? Yes! I hope there’ll be more colours soon.